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HavoCraft is a mix of realism and a post apocalyptic world. You can interact with villagers and form friendships or relationships. You can raise kids and even get married. Decorate your homes or make fully functional airports. On the other hand you have some mythical beast's that emerged after the nuclear war. From dragons to cyclopes you need to watch your step.

Due to the Fallout happening in 2075 you have some futuristic guns aswell as old style guns but all you will need to create from scratch. You have many machines you can craft, but to make machines work you also need power. Create windmills or water mills to get started untill you learn more about the complex energy making.


This modpack has been made for the HavoCraft server. (Feel free to use for your single player worlds)

Server Address: havocraftmc.com

Official HavoCraft Website - Discord - YouTube


Please make sure to change the world type to Biomes o Plenty if playing on single player.


Immersive Engineering Mods

You will find immersive engineering, vehicles and petroleum in this pack. Create ammo presses, turrets, powered machines to help your every day grind and much more.

Create windmills, water mills, power grids and power your favourite machines to create a huge variety of things. Connect them all with powerlines through out your city or town.



There area huge variety of vehicles in this pack. Starting from the official add ons to immersive vehicles with some jeeps, trucks and some smaller planes. After that you will find the helicopter pack to add small, commercial or attack helicopters.

Following that you can craft jumbo jets with the golden airport mod. Fly for long distances and land carrying all your passengers or players. Huge detail to flying and parts, you can even add luggage's in the plane for players to leave their stuff as they take a seat for their flight.

Along with that ive added a huge amount of other cars, boats, coaches, and utility vehicles to make everything comes together nicely.


World Generation

Biomes o Plenty is used to make an incredible landscape which personally I still prefer to even the newest Minecraft version. Better nether, more biomes including beautiful flower fields or barren Sandilands.

You will also find other ruins through out your travels including army camps, monster camps, aircraft carriers, military outposts, and other ruined structures.


Animals And Mobs 

There are many added animals and mobs. Lets start with the ZAWA mod which adds some of the most realistic wild animals ive seen. Rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions and anything else you can imagine. You are also able to capture these guys and bring them back to your zoo or enclosure. You will find some zoo keepers located randomly through your world also.


Mobs with guns, with the techgun mods we now have naturally spawning monsters with guns and military guys with guns also. Monsters can spawn like other bad mobs at night and you also have other structures that generate through out the world with monsters or military guys spawning.


Mythical monsters can be found through out the world. Starting with the feared dragon, underwater monsters, medusas, and some other nasty guys you dont wana bump into. If your careful were to go, you be fine. Best stay safe at night though!


Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

This amazing mod makes Minecraft villagers come to life! You get women, men and children along with warrior and hero's that protect the villagers in each village. All villagers have some chat options along with friendship or relationship status. You or they can get married, have kids and even get their wife's or husbands to work for them. All villagers have a different AI so some will react differently to others.


Furniture and Decoration

Mr Crayfishes mod was a must to get a huge general amount of items from chairs to sinks and even working mirrors. With the Zawa mod you also get a number of zoo decorations including benches, signs, zoo maps, and other cool items for outside decoration.


Extra Items


There are too many extra items to mention all of them. Starting with JEI for easier creation and navigation of items, hundreds of different blocks and chisel to changing the already huge amount of blocks into many other variations. With the UNU and civilian packs you can find many items to mod or decorate your car with also.


Guns and Weapons
We have two options for new weapons. Lets start with mythical swords crafted with the bones and blood of fallen dragons. Crazy axes or just better normal tools.

Followed by hand held or turret help guns, these range from small pistols to rocket launchers and even laser pistols. If you want guns and vehicles then you can find that helicopters can infact be weaponised now!


Server Side Mods

Want to add this to a server? we have some helpful multiplayer friendly mods also installed.

Dynmap: Live in game map to view, to set up on your own server check the dynmap configuration.


Claimit: Claim your land easily by tapping on either corner with a pair of shears, also included is the claimit dynmap mod, showing claimed areas on the dynmap also.


Join our server on: havocraftmc.com
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