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This modpack completely overhauls the classic Hardcore mode of minecraft, with this upgraded version of Hardcore Minecraft, you can expect new challenges, new mobs to defeat, better mob Ai, harder items to acquire, more blocks to explore, more biomes, better caves, and a whole lot more.


What you can expect from this modpack compared to vanilla hardcore:


New Mobs for a harder challenge, parasites that can infect your world, Improved mob AI, bloodmoons, but along with all of these hard challenges, come some good things like Artifacts, which you can use to upgrade your stats and gameplay for a better chance at survival, or you could take a peaceful approach with this modpack by going fishing using aquaculture 2.


The purpose of this modpack is to allow players to have a better overall experience when playing a hardcore-like mode.

This modpack consists of 53 Mods and 3 Optional Texture Packs.