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Once again, you are beginning a deadly adventure, surrounded by murderous creatures just waiting to kill you. Quick action is required to prevail in this dark world!

Hardcore Nightmare IV combines the best elements from previous editions and offers exciting gameplay with interesting new mechanics (advanced mob AI, mining overhaul, enhanced health and hunger mechanics, weather, ...). Remember Blood 'n' Bones? Well, it's back on steroids!

This modpack is focussed on Tinkers' Construct and various addons, so forget about your stale vanilla gear.

Equipped with the most exciting hardcore and "realistic" modifications for version 1.12.2, this pack offers everything needed for an immersive and brutal survival experience!

Fun doesn't come short in this pack as there are various silly aspects and (German) easter eggs for you to discover.

How to get started (starting from v1.2, adapted from the Tinkers' Survival wiki):

It is important to remember:

  • Vanilla and Vanilla-like tools and weapons don't work. All tool progression is based around Tinkers' Construct tools and weapons.
  • Vanilla-like armors are disabled entirely. Create armor with Construct's Armory.
  • The only way to craft wood planks and sticks is with a saw.
  • Crude tools are necessary to create items needed for crafting Tinkers' tables and tools.
  • Move fast or you will probably die.

Gathering required materials:

You may notice right away some small piles of rocks lying randomly on the ground throughout the world. Break and gather them, they are a valuable resource and needed for crafting tools.
Leaves will drop sticks. The drop rate is not great but it will allow you to get sticks. Use a knife if you want to increase drops. You can also break Petrified Logs for sticks.
Flint is essential for creating your first knife, the Crude Knife. You'll need to find gravel and either craft it into flint or break it until you get some.
Plant Fiber is a new drop when breaking grass with the knife. You'll need Plant Fiber to craft Plant String used in crafting the Crude Hatchet, Crude Saw and Crude Bandages/Bandages.

Note: You can find this and additional information in the "First Steps" guide upon joining the world.

Are you a let's player or streamer? Feel free to give this modpack a go as I'd love to see some runs from you! 🙂

Assets for YouTubers/streamers can be found here.

OptiFine is highly recommended and will be downloaded automatically since v1.16.

Gameplay in English 🇺🇸


Gameplay in German 🇩🇪


Gameplay in Italian 🇮🇹