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Happy Spawn Point


This mod pack contains 53 mods mainly dedicated to improving the base stance of the game, while being heavily optimized for user help and ease of use. It contains mods such as Tinker's Construct and Blood Magic which add more weapons and utilities while being friendly to newer players. It also contains in-game tutorials for each mod provided by the mod authors. Numerous mods add new dungeons and better rewards for going into places such as strongholds and dungeons.



Tinker's construct- Expands upon vanilla tools and weapons with a brand new system to help lengthen out gameplay.

Blood Magic- Adds a whole new dimension as a dungeon and contains various new ways to play the game with a rewarding system.

Simple Voice Chat- Adds a way for people to speak in-game without needing an external program such as Discord or Teamspeak.

Sound Physics Remastered- Adds realistic reverb and echo, makes player's voices echo through caves--can hear players through a wall etc.

Snad- Takes 2 sand blocks to make sand that actually INCREASES the speed that sugarcane grows.

Spaxers & Vanilla Tools 3x3!- Adds tools that can dig and mine in a 3x3 grid, Tinker's construct also adds this but you can't use the normal enchantments.

SuperTools- Adds new tools and armor to reward gameplay.

Wither Skeleton Tweaks- Adds a better reason to go to the nether other than netherite and ghast tears.

No Additional Repair Cost - Anvil- Removes the limit on XP with the anvil and also reduces the amount of XP needed to actually enchant and repair tools.

Macaw's Paintings- Adds new paintings to the game for builds.
Macaw's Paths and Pavings- Adds new ways to make paths in builds.

Macaw's Roofs- Adds real roofs.

Macaw's Trapdoors- Adds new trapdoors and variants.
Macaw's Windows- Adds new windows and also window covers that look great with shaders.

Macaw's Bridges- Adds bridges, self-explanatory.

Macaw's Doors- Adds new doors, from sliding glass doors to reinforced metal ones.

Macaw's Fences and Walls- Adds more depth to builds other than using base vanilla fences or bricks.

Macaw's Furniture- Self-explanatory.

Macaw's Lights and Lamps- Adds better lights and more variety towards lighting.

MCA Reborn- Adds realistic villagers that have their own thoughts and feelings. (you can still make mending farms but always set them to stay)

No Time Out No More- Lets you change the timeout variable for a server so people are not constantly timing out due to their internet.

Patcouli- Adds books for mods like Blood Magic and TInker's Construct that are practically guides.

Just Enough Items- Adds the standard right most UI that lets you see all recipes and more.

Just Enough Resources- Adds ore spawn rates and item drop rates.

GraveStone Mod- Adds gravestones that won't despawn, less chance of losing your gear to things like lava and fall damage.

Just Another Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod- Smelt rotten flesh in a furnace to make leather.

Fast Leaf Decay- Speeds up leaf decay once you cut a tree down.

Enchantment Descriptions- Lets you actually see what you can get from an enchanting table.

Dungeon Crawl- adds new dungeons that directly benefit exploration with a challenging but rewarding dungeon structure.

Better Animals Plus- Adds new animals to increase overall diversity within the game.