Hand Crafted

13 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.18   +1

A hand crafted mix of fabric performance, tech/magic(AE2, botania, modern industrialization, tech reborn and more), cosmetic and exploration mods


Mod List:

[Fabric] Netherite Horse Armor by Frost2779

[FABRIC] Smooth Blocks by GGCrosby

[Fabric/Forge] Market Crates 1.16/1.17/1.18 by lfaoanl

Advancement Plaques [Fabric] by Grend_G

Amplified Nether by Starmute

AntiGhost by Giselbaer

AppleSkin by squeek502

Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2

Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals by Mari_023

Architect's Palette [FABRIC] by slomax907

Architectury API (Fabric) by shedaniel

Armor Sound Tweak by HeckinChloe

Artisanat by Hugman_76

Awesome Dungeon - Fabric by Jtorleon

Balm (Fabric Edition) by BlayTheNinth

BCLib by paulevs

Better Ping Display [Fabric] by Quintinity

BetterF3 by cominixo

BetterNether by paulevs

Blockus by Brandcraft_

Blur (Fabric) by Motschen

Botania (Fabric) by williewillus

Catwalks Inc. by Reoseah

Chat Heads by dzwdz

Clear Despawn (Fabric) by StrikerRocker

Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric] by someaddon

Cloth Config API (Fabric) by shedaniel

Clumps by Jaredlll08

Comforts (Fabric) by TheIllusiveC4

Compass Ribbon by chrono_t

Controlling by Jaredlll08

Copper Armor & Tools [Fabric] by agorasim20

Couplings by HeckinChloe

Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle [CHA&S] by EwyBoy

Crafting Tweaks (Fabric Edition) by BlayTheNinth

CraftPresence by CDAGaming_

Croptopia [FABRIC/FORGE] by thethonk

Culinaire by Hugman_76

Dank Storage Fabric by tfarecnim

Dark Loading Screen by Neecko5b84

Dawn API by Hugman_76

Deep Mob Learning: Refabricated by NathanPB

DeepslateCutting by NoComment1105

Drip Sounds (Fabric) by PieKing1215

Ducts by brforgers

Dynamic FPS by juliand665

Earth2Java by Slexom

Eating Animation [Fabric] by theone_ss

EditSign (Forge&Fabric) by RakSrinaNa

Effective 💦 by doctor4t

Enhanced Block Entities by FoundationGames

Entity Culling Fabric/Forge by tr9zw

Fabric API by modmuss50

Fabric Language Kotlin by modmuss50

Falling Leaves (Fabric) by RandomMcSomethin

Farming for Blockheads (Fabric Edition) by BlayTheNinth

Farsight[Forge/Fabric] by someaddon

Fast Furnace for Fabric by tfarecnim

FerriteCore (Fabric) by malte0811

Forge Config API Port [Fabric] by Fuzs_

FPS - Display by Gray_ray

GeckoLib by ThanosGecko

Glassential (Fabric) by UpcraftLP

Harvest Scythes by LordDeatHunter

Hookshot by Camellias_

Icarus (Fabric) by Camellias_

Iceberg [Fabric] by Grend_G

Illuminations 🔥 by doctor4t

Indium by comp500

Inmis by Draylar1

Interactic by gliscowo

Inventory HUD+ by dmitrylovin

Inventory Profiles Next by mirinimi

Iron Chests for Fabric by cyberanner

Iron Furnaces [FABRIC] by pizzaatime

Kibe Utilities by D4rkness_King

Krypton by tuxed

LambDynamicLights by LambdAurora

LazyDFU by tuxed

Legendary Tooltips [Fabric] by Grend_G

Lib Block Attributes by AlexIIL

Lifts by D4rkness_King

Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric) by shedaniel

Lithium (Fabric) by jellysquid3_

megane by badasintended

Mo' Structures (Fabric) by ffrannny

Mod Menu by ProspectorDev

Modern Industrialization by thetechnici4n

More Axolotl Variants Mod by Akashii_Kun_

More Villagers [Fabric] by SameDifferent

Mossier Deepslate [Fabric] by DigitalPear_11

Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR

NetherPortalFix (Fabric Edition) by BlayTheNinth

Not Enough Crashes (Fabric) by NatanFudge

Ok Zoomer by EnnuiLangeweile

Patchouli (Fabric) by williewillus

Pling by haykam

Presence Footsteps by S0llace

Promenade by Hugman_76

Puzzles Lib [Fabric] by Fuzs_

Quarry Reborn by TED_inc

Quartz Elevator by atonkish

Reborn Core by modmuss50

Reinforced Barrels by atonkish

Roughly Enough Items Fabric (REI) by shedaniel

Seamless Loading Screen by Minenash

Searchlight (& Wall Lights) (Fabric) by lizard_ofoz

Skin Layers 3D (Fabric/Forge) by tr9zw

Sodium by jellysquid3_

Staff of Building by Draylar1

Starlight (Fabric) by Spottedstar

Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Fabric) by TheGrimsey

Tech Reborn by modmuss50

Terralith 2.0 ~ Overworld Evolved by Starmute

Terraria Paintings [Fabric] by kleiders3010

The Graveyard (FABRIC) by finallion_13

Trap Expansion (Fabric) by Lemonszz

TrashSlot (Fabric Edition) by BlayTheNinth

Trinkets (Fabric) by EmilyPloszaj

Twigs by ninnih_

Visual Workbench [Fabric] by Fuzs_

Visuality [Fabric] by PinkGoosik

When Dungeons Arise - Fabric! by Aureljz

WMITAF by ShaksterNano

WTHIT by badasintended

Xaero's Minimap by xaero96

Xaero's World Map by xaero96

XP Storage by sfinc

You're in Grave Danger by b1n_ry



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