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Filename GT New
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Uploaded Jun 19, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 75.16 MB
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Version --- 16.06.2019

New Mods:

InGame Info XML
Lunatrius Core

Mod Upgrade:

Avaritia 1.15
Bartworks 0.4.16
Blood Arsenal 1.2-8
Core Mod 1.6.14
Crops++ 1.3.5
Crop Load Core 0.1.4
Electro Magic Tools
Gt Nei ore plugin 1.0.7
GT Scanner Mod 1.5.4
IFU 1.6
Loot Games 1.0.18
Not Enough Items 1.0.6-GTNH
Tec Tech 3.6.11
Thaumic Horizons
Universal Singularities 8.5
Warp Theory 1.0k-Dev
Witching Gadgets 1.2.9k-GTNH

Mod Changes:

-changed ichorium to gt mod
-Made project jarSign compatible
-Unified build-system
-updated gradle and forge

-smaller fixes
-no hardness or resistance on non gt te blocks
-fixed possible lesu npe
-maybe fixed windmill dupe?
-fixed circuit programmer dupe
-began work on Electric Implosion compressor
-fixed recipes
-added multi layer rotor recipes
-Giant Materials/Space Compat update
-added ASM
-added a shit ton of materials and got my own Materials system up and running
-added Ross128 when GC is installed
-code clean up
-made all asm patches disableable
-removed secondary configs
-added comments for config
-Ore Dict Support
-Added Y/Th Glas
-Added OreDict support for all Materials
-Added an Internal Handler for Colors
-Added Materials and improved Compability to GT and GT++
-Improved Code Quality of the BW Oregen Handler
-Fixed NEI handler
-fixed megas not working with more than one hatch
-finetuned the veins a bit more
-changed material names and colors/texture sets
-removed Taint Biome due to buggyness and i dont like it >:(
-added debug log
-added thaumcraft aspects for materials
-refractored code
-added a config option for the debug log
-fixed Graphene Typo
-prepared custom TC Aspects
-enabled a config option for the threaded loader (experimental state)
-Improved Threaded Loader
-un-threaded GameRegistry stuff
-Fixed Heated Water Pump
-will now drop its contents on removal
-will no longer void non-burnable Items
-Added ITileDropsContent for easy use
-Pulled delSlot into its own Class
-Created FuelSlot (a slot that will only accept burnable stacks)
-API version increase
-Added THTR
-Redid Config to work propperly
-added some materials/items for the THTR
-added additional Thorianite Recipes
-added InfoData on THTR
-added isSneaking on diode screwdriver click (reverse Actual Amps)
-added World Generation feature for Ross128b
-started on Ross128ba
-cleaned up code
-started on Werkstoff Liquids
-fixed small translation failure
-this time really fixed (#27)
-added small rocket gui stuff
-fixed a bug where the moon of ross128b would cause issues with the dim handler
-added Electric Implosion Compressor recipe and tooltip
-fixed Electric Implosion Compressor recipe "Map"
-moved Ross128 to t3 even with galaxyspace loaded
-fixes crash when ExU is installed
-Optimised BlockChecker
-made THTR structure check NOT ignore walls
-corrected tooltip on THTR
-added Empty mode on THTR
-fixed coords hash
-started work on OC integration
-rewrote blockchecker just to see if a loop would be faster than a recursive check
-fixes not enabled ASM code
-re-enabled the tooltip handler
-reworked clienteventhandler
-Tooltip Server Synchronisation
-Add thaumcraft wand pedestal fix
-We only add the vis into the wand
-added ConfigOption for TC patch
-added DeObfs instruction
-code cleanup
-added Miner Compability
-tweaked heat values for GTNH
-minor code changes
-fixed thorianit exploit
-fixed yttrium oxide recipe
-added thorium leaf recipe
-fixed 45% empty space
-Added config options
-removed broken IC2 recipes
-fixed DEHP recipe

Blood Arsenal
-Gadomancy Crash fix part 1
-fixed build.grandle

-Add login message handler
-Update zh_CN.lang
-fixes Xenoxene recipe
-Titanium Dust with Nitrogen same EU cost as without Nitrogen #4261
-remove all centrifuge recipes from gendustry bee combs and drops
-added a load check
-Let the bacteria Vat recipes only load when bartworks is loaded
-Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
-Add usage for Tantalum in SMD Capacitor recipes
-Missing Rockbreaker LUV+ #4374
-Tier 8 Rocket is Impossible to Obtain #4267
-re-configured Quantium Voltage to IV
-removed unnescarry ,new Object[0] for varargs methods
-#4474 gating item, updated pack version and added gendustry bees removal warning
-fix t8 rocket plates
-added Abandoned GregTechPlusPlus Aspects
-will hopefully doesnt cause corruption when loaded up
-Re-enabled Naquadah Generators at IV
-changed recipe time and minimal heat requirements for enriched Naquadah
-Awakened Draconium Coil #4647 temperature fix

-Create zh_CN.lang
-[ImgBot] Optimize images
-fully implemented Speiger's Crop Plugin
-removed (some) duplicate code
-added debug command
-fixed magic metal berry
-added thauminite as supported metal due to request
-added vanilla Bonsai
-added HumidityBonus/Malus
-fixed scala dependency

Electro Magic Tools
-Refractored Code
-fixed Solar crash

-added a null check
-changed crop logic a bit
-if crop havest is not possible at the optimal state, just harvest, ffs.
-remove redstone flux not working api
-change api adress and path
-added recipe

-Trinium can't be obtained in the Tier below the T4 rocket #4221
-Disabled all Dimethylhydrazine recipes.
-Removed them in favour of the GT++ recipes which are harder.
-Cherry pick multiamp dynamo support for multiblock generators.
-Removed local explosion checks from large turbine and plasma turbine.
-Large turbs now support buffered 4A dynamos.
-salt bees equal to lithium bees #4285
-Impossible to craft Fusion Reactor MK1 #4276
-[suggestion] add a recyling recipe for brick stairs #4274
-Rutile processing magnesium dupe #4260
-Mining plascrete blocks #3998
-change name sparkling
-Problems with bee comb ore quadrupling recipes #4253
-all ev and iv combs have now chemical recipes
-Suggestion: Buff Platinum Group Sludge #4241
-add more comb recipes for Casseterite Sand
-Titanium ore nerf #3647
-Increase small titanium ores, change spawn range #4289
-Superconductor UV Wire wrong recipe #4224
-Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
-GT tool fix
-enable GT Tools to mine any block without tool requirements (dirt i.e.)
-Make use of scanner recipe map since i also inject my own recipes...
-refractored code,
-restored compability to vanilla ore gen,
-moved GC and Forrestry code to own classes to prevent crashes inDev
-implemented equals and hashcode on NearbySeeds class
-added an information line to the Implosion Compressor tooltip
-Refined last commit
-re-added unused, Deprecated constructors
-re-added unused vars
-treat empty string as null for GT_Tool_*.isMinableBlock
-allowed to mine any block that doesnt require a tool with GT tools at Hand mining speed
-rerouted forestry modid to the config value to prevent typos
-recipy change voltage coil HV,IV #4375
-redid fake OD
-removed coal from god of thunder crop
-beautified code for readability
-fixed NBT dependant Recipes
-duct taped import of circuits in assemblers
-adjusted recipe map sizes
-redid Item&Fluid Hatches
-removed rests of UndergroundBiomes & ImmersiveEngineering support
-added oilsands recipe
-might fix #3913 and #4421
-Change gates for Magic Energy Converters. #4324
-UHV Motor is uncraftable #4350
-[RFC] New Rocket Recipes #4409
-shortened sc cooling times
-ductape fix for fusion reactor
-cleaned up code
-Duplicate Alumite tools #4231
-Fix exploitive hydrogen loophole #4348
-add missing circuits to ProcessingCircuits
-added 0lafs changes
-make higher tier superconductors give out less wires per recipe
-removed nitrogen/helium cells from superconductor recipes
-added helium as fuid for superconductor recipes
-halfed the amount of pumps for superconductors
-Added HP Solar Steam Boiler
-added recipe
-removed unnessecary ", new Object[0]" for vargars methodes
-UEV Motor uncraftable #4601
-complain about null inputs
-adjusted HP solar boiler to match the tooltip
-re-added solar GUI

Gt Nei ore plugin
- updated Java 7 -> 8
-Buffered Input from cfg
-refractor, code improvements
-small ores completely working
-added tooltip
-added logger
-added ic2 to gradle
-updated gradle deps
-restored base gt compability
-small ore csv (untested)

GT Scanner Mod
-refractored code
-added bartworks integration
-added automatic dev and dev-debug build to build grandle

-redid logic to work propperly with any type of material as input
-refractored code (a bit)
-fixed GUI
-restricted the wand to OW, Nether and TF (configurable)
-removed damage bar from Item
-added build wrapper
-make ifu buildable with the dev version we add on GTNH webpage

Loot Games
-Single line that prevented people from completing Stage 4
-Corrected some confusing messages sent to players

Not Enough Items
-Prevent random crashes. No idea why this happens, but deal with it gracefully.
-(Probably) Stop the ic2 invalid damage application messages.
-Update gradle wrapper
-bump version and specify gtnh in filename

Tec Tech
-Added recipes for Energy hatches 4A-64A IV/LUV/ZPM
-Change recipe of Biomainframe (#15)
-The recipe became more logic.
-ResearchStation,ObjectHolder and QuantumComputer recipes can only use CrystalProcessorMainframe #4361 (#16)
-Realy Ultimate Battery Recipe issue #4604
-[Recipes] Assembly line need few changes. #4636
-Fix Researchable scanning issue

Thaumic Horizons
-several fixes
-fixed safe handler
-fixed aspect fraction of the safe handler
-re-made it buildable for gradlew
-updated gitignore
-fixed internal stuff
-hopefully fixed server crashes
-added propper dim retrun
-fixed cloud client crash
-improved miner Math issues with pocket plane dim
-added "dustBlock" as default block for pocket planes
-fixed fps issues by removing clouds from pocket plane dim
-fixed another NPE

Universal Singularities
-name change to make Phosphorus Block working again

Warp Theory
-Fixed warptheory error message
-Always allows usage of command on server

Witching Gadgets
-added a catch to the duplication aswell
-fixed an ArrayOutOfBounds Execption
-OutOfBounds Execption pt2
-removed GT++ harddep for softdep

Config changes:

-add bartworks cfg

-Updating Botany glass to be pure clear glass, no dumb border.

Core Mod
-update displayed version
-update pack version

Custom Main Menu
-Update Main menu from GTNH

Enhanced Lootbags
-Reward bags are absolute trash: EV suggestions #4268
-Reward bag suggestions #4257
-Added a bunch more proper loot to the Advanced bag.
-Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests.
-Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
-Fix to IC2 lootbag.

-add deep iron small ores to mecury

-enable item rendering in hand. Duct tape fix

Holo Inventory
-Due to user demand, ban drawer controller from holoinventory

InGame Info XML
-add ingameinfo xml and configs

Open Modular Turrets
-Initial Changes to turrets (more damage)

-Update server list #4479

Thaumic Horizons
-enabled pocket plane
-tested on zeta w/o complications so far

Witching Gadgets
-Ichorium nugget duplication in Witching Gadgets #4240

Script changes:

-AE2 Cutting Knifes #4264

-Make UHV circuit correspond to ore dict
-UHV circuit of Neutron Collector and Neutron Compressor Recipe corresponds to the ore dictionary

Biome O Plenty
-Calcite Synthesis #4228

-Bauxia crop doesn't recognize TiCo Aluminum Block. #4227

-update EMT script
-fixed damage problems with EMT Recipes
-now accept any damage value

-Minor issue: Unrefined Desh -> Desh Ingot (Furnace recipe) #4286

-remove old gendustry combs out of the recipes

-remove handcraft recipes from Niobtitanium and tungstencarbide

-remove max tier cheaty recipe for machine parts
-Chest loot #4251

-Fix Blast Furnace Convert Glass

Pams Harvest Craft
-Butchery knife duplication #4234

SG Craft
-IC2 SGPU crashes client when attempting to leave its interface #4254

Tinkers Construct
-Obsidian dusts don't smelt in the smeltery #4277

Twilight Forest
-Steeleaf issues. #4265

Quests changes:

-Added large gas turbine quest, fluid regulator quest, fluorine coins quest.
-Fixed up info on rotors in boilers and steam turbine quests.
-Fixed butcher knife quest to accept any knife.
-Fixed alumite ingot quest to oredict.
-Thorium Reactor Quest #4259
-BM quest #4250
-Change block needed for Pyrolusium crop. #4244
-O like Oxygen Quest Rewrite
- Slightly rewrote quest text to better direct player toward recipe that creates 2000 L Oxygen
from 1 Cassiterite Sand, as well as some minor reworking of the rest of the quest text.
-Added oxygen from sugar to quest text per request
-#4400 Minor quest fixes complete.
-$4342: Quest added for Soul Brazier to help players manage permanent warp.
-Quest fixes and additiona. #4911 #4323 #2358 #4216 #4342 #4320 #4232 #4169 #4245 #4298 $4198
-Quest fixes. #4337, #4194, #4157, #4109, #2599, #4124, #4117, #4113, #4076, #4091, #4078, #3683, #4349, #3603, #3505, #2926, #2880
-#3042, #4247, #4319, first pass of #2663.
-Fixes for crop quests from bedrill, created Botany quests for #2663
-Next part of #2663.
-#3647 redo gating for fluid quests. #4404
-Quests #3996 #3654 #4426 #4327 #4392 #3282 #3503
-#3503 warning added for Doomsquirter.
-First pass at TecTech quests, skeleton for Steve's Factory Manager quests.
-#4227, #4281, #4437, #3604
-Most of #4424 complete. #4448 #4449 #4447 #4441
-#4451, #4454, #4455
-#3851 #4133 #4459 #4465 #4468 #4473
-#4478, Started #4500 & #3626, general quest cleanup and maintenance.
-Minor quest changes. Added SAG mill grinding head quest.
-#4500, adventure backpacks, bee stuff, #4373
-Remove concrete bug mention.
-#3626, mostly finished with #4373
-Quests. Spray can, adventure backpacks, #4530 #4526 #4521 #4488
-#4373 #4407 #4542 #4555 #4551
-Trying out new bee quests, setup bee template quest for copying
-Bee breeding quests megaupdate
-Added a bunch of magical branch bees, at least enough to get to empowering.
-Didn't make it thaumic shards and salis mundus
-Added side effects for shard bees
-Added more magical bee lines, including draconic and wither bees.
-Fixed problem with quest unlocks. Added excited and cultivated.
-Added info on Botany pigmented glass not being fireproof.
-Fix Celebratory
-Converted Bee Breeding quests to use Bees Advanced lootbags.
-Added quest for Acid Generator after Redstone centrifuging. Fixed Slice and Splice rewards.
-Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests. Needs a recipe to convert standard to fortuned bag.
-Spread out ic2 crops quests
-Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
-Change Gendustry quests to use proper expert bag. Change alveary quests back to using Bee Advanced.
-Moved upiering bee adv -> bee expert to unlocking the Genetics Sampler/Mutatron or Industrial Apiary
-Fixed Enderio Crafter reward bag.
-Quickfix for Endless Evolution, change from 1:1 to 1:4 due to player concerns.
-Change DE cores to 4 ichor ingots, reward 16 cores. Clean up LV window.
-Minor quest fixes. Changed DE quest back to 16 cores, but instead of 16 ichor changed to 4.
-Final quest update for
-Update for Chinese translator.
-Minor quest fixes from Translation, #4643 #4642 #4641
-fix diamond hammer quest
-Minor fixes. Quest fixes for translator. Fix to IC2 lootbag.
-Updated with more bee breeding quests, translation cleanup.
-update Quest files us lang

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