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Uploaded by DreamMasterXXL
Uploaded Oct 19, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 241.61 MB
Downloads 6,672
MD5 649202ed1d97f71773bfd5be7bc392a9
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Version 18.10.2017

Mod Upgrade:

Better Questing 1.0.173d unofficial
Questbook 1.1.0a_unofficial
Standart Expansion 1.0.108a_unofficial

Config changes:

Gregtech(Ore Size in DD set to 32(was 64))


Version 17.10.2017

Mod Upgrade:

Better Questing 1.0.173b unofficial

Code changes:

Gregtech(Merge pull request #40 from Antifluxfield/GTNH-patch1 Change the range of oil drills, Merge pull request #39 from richardhendricks/debug/dd_broken_debug Debug/dd broken debug)

Config changes:

Gregtech(Worldgen fixt)


Version 16.10.2017

Removed Mods:

Utility Mobs 3.1.1

Mod Upgrade:

Better Questing 1.0.173 unofficial
GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.11
GT-PlusPlus 1.6.09
Open Computers Build 1086
Open Security 1.0.104
Quest Book 1.1.0 unofficial
TecTech 3.5.2a

Changed/added Recipes:

Buildcraft(Ordict Cobllestone Rods)
Forestry(Add a recipe to remove nbt data on Bee Alyzer and Tree Alyzer)

Code changes:

Core Mod(Change Air filter recipe a bit, Change air filter info data a bit, remove smd resistor from cleanroom, Lapotronic crystal recipe is bugged #2093
[Suggestion] Vacuum tube needs more Assembler recipies #2092 Can't craft Electric Hoe - missing Hoe head recipe #2090)

Gregtech(add localizer Tec Tech to GT, The right method to find out whether the machine should break the block, Add tier info, Fix EBF tooltip, Rainforest saplings #2079, [2.0.1]
New 'deprecated' recipes? #2076, [Quest] Advanced nano chestplate #2075, remove Lap Orb recipe from ic2)

Gt++(Fix wood farm)

Config changes:

Gregtech(Titanium now moved to Mars, Bauxite still on Moon so you can process Titanium out of Rutile like in Vanilla GT, Mars gives then the Titanium boost)


Quest book refers to cobalt in the nether when there is none #2089, More SMD Parts and Fluid Quests in Coins coins, More Quests Sodium Per sulfate and Iron 3 Chloride
More Circuit and circuit parts Quests, Why HV harder than EV ? #1977, [Quest Suggestion] Provide pointers to Forestry Worktable at key points #1824, Quest-link #2055,
Lack of indium ore #2064, [Quest] Advanced nano chestplate #2075, Thaumcraft confusing questing path #2077,

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