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General Overview:

This pack is a Garden of Glass Skyblock with heavy focus on Ars Nouveau and Botania, as well as the Thermal series and Create, with my attempts to deeply integrate the included mods together. You will begin this pack with nothing but a small island and a spell book, and finish with unlimited access to mana and items.


Major Changes


The most fundamental part of this pack is that everything depends on Botania Mana. This means that Ars Nouveau Source can only be obtained through conversion from Botania Mana, Energy for Thermal machines can only be obtained through Botania Mana and Create RPM and SU generation is only available through Mana and a special flower.
This means that you will be forced to find unique methods of generating mana through the myriad of generating flowers that are offered by Botania, as well as the addition of a custom generating flower.



This pack features over a thousand changed or modified recipes, a questline with well written and detailed quest descriptions, and offers a high performance experience due to the small mod count and skyblock nature of the pack, as well as my own personal attempts to make this pack as optimised as possible.



You might like this pack if:

  • - You enjoy unique automation challenges
  • - You enjoy advancing through progression but want a breath of fresh air from other expert-style packs
  • - You love Botania
  • - You like Skyblock packs, but don't enjoy the Ex Nihilo Grind
  • - You like detailed quest books


You probably won't like this pack if:

  • - You hate automation
  • - You hate large recipe trees
  • - You love to explore unique terrain and structures
  • - You hate Skyblock
  • - You hate Botania or Ars Nouveau


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Credit to Botania and Ars Nouveau for both the existence behind this pack, and also some of their assets which have been modified for usage in this pack. (And the pack logo)