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Geistcraft 1



~ The veil is tearing. You can't see it, but you can feel it in the way the air makes your skin crawl. You can see it in the gazes of the villagers livestock. Something is fundamentally wrong now, and with your Master having not returned in months, you fear only the worst. It is up to you, and you alone now. ~


   In Geistcraft you play as a once lackadaisical apprentice of a small town sage. The world around you is changing, horrors creep behind every shadow, and only you can attempt to find out why, and either fix it, or find a new way to adapt. This is a mostly magic themed pack, in a fairly medieval dark fantasy world. Many quest-lines are planned, there are tons of bosses, special relics, and bizarre contraptions to explore. Expect to hide in your home, slowly studying as you fear each knock on the door.

   There are plenty of armors to wear, and a cosmetic armor slot so you need not be burdened with fashion vs effectiveness. For your self defence, aside from dark magicks, we have the tool refining Tetra mod as well as apotheosis's reforging and gem socketing.


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