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The Official Non-Official Galacticraft Modpack



Want to host your own Galacticraft-Pack server? Or any other modpack? Or just a server period?


1 -> Click on the picture above

2 -> Select "See Minecraft Plans"

3 -> Select a plan (at least 6GB for Galacticraft-Pack)

4 -> Use our code READONLY to get 25% off your first month,

5 -> Then enjoy!



Inside this once in a life-time opportunity of a modpack, your not only going to find all of the known addons for Galacticraft in 1.12.2, oh no, we're not stopping here chief. For a very limited time, your going to also receive a free copy of the Galacticraft Mod with the modpack!....one second..yes?..wait,  oh now....I was just informed by corporate that Galacticraft has to be included with the modpack after all. so.....a free modpack!


okay so before anyone says a word in the comments, just one thing: there will be a A FEW addons that are not included. These are utility mods and/or situational mods that do not really extend much to the mod other than what the mod implies. Or the mod needs some fixes/optimizations before i add them. But they will get a link down below.


All jokes aside, the pack does contain all of the known addons for Galacticraft in 1.12.2. As well as a small selection of other Tech mods that blend very well with Galacticraft and its game mechanics. 




The configs in the mod are configured in a very particular way. If you experience ANY issues or crashes after changing any addon configurations i will not offer any support other than instructing you to reset the  configs to their values that shipped with the modpack


Check out the Pages section for the full Modlist and the custom Celestial Map

Navigating the Celestial Map

Mod List