The Fudge Pack

630 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Fudge Pack is a modpack containing an abundance of exploration mods (Galacticraft, Twilight Forest, The Aether, with more to come) as well as mods that give you a reason to stay put (IC2, HarvestCraft, Spice of Life, Tinker's Construct, Bibliocraft, Chisel) and mods to increase immersion (SoundFilters). We've got a conviction to balance these two facets of Minecraft, giving reason for many hours of gameplay as players struggle to maintain a happy medium between the two. It is recommended that, in order to increase immersion, this modpack is played on a custom worldpainter map called Theia. This map is supposed to realistically display the different biomes and climates of Earth. 


This modpack was originally crafted for a server network named Echoes, and as such, it's encouraged that this modpack is played with other users. We believe that elements of the game like Galacticraft's Space Race provide a rushed competition that will only further encourage players to locate a happy balance between exploration and settlement. 




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