The Fudge Pack

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Nov 24, 2018

Owner: Euboea

The Fudge Pack is a modpack containing an abundance of exploration mods (Galacticraft, Twilight Forest, The Aether, with more to come) as well as mods that give you a reason to stay put (IC2, HarvestCraft, Spice of Life, Tinker's Construct, Bibliocraft, Chisel) and mods to increase immersion (SoundFilters). We've got a conviction to balance these two facets of Minecraft, giving reason for many hours of gameplay as players struggle to maintain a happy medium between the two. It is recommended that, in order to increase immersion, this modpack is played on a custom worldpainter map called Theia. This map is supposed to realistically display the different biomes and climates of Earth. 


This modpack was originally crafted for a server network by the same name, and as such, it's encouraged that this modpack is played with other users. We believe that elements of the game like Galacticraft's Space Race provide a rushed competition that will only further encourage players to locate a happy balance between exploration and settlement. 




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