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141 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


What is This Pack?

This pack is based off of the idea that was introduced by Shivaxi's RLCraft. Their pack is really excellently integrated and designed, but between Lycanite's mobs creating problems that led to less enjoyment, and the lack of any real end-game goal except for just wanting to not die. This modpack takes these struggles and addresses them all -- many frustrating (and difficult) mechanics from RLCraft have been removed, and a few lower-tech tech mods, such as Immersive Engineering, Refined Storage and more. This pack addresses these things with a new pack from scratch! Some of the extraneous mods, such as Lycanite's Mobs, and the total mod count has been nearly halved. Mechanics like skill levels, difficult early-game progression and dragons are all still entact, but the game is overall more enjoyable and gives the player purpose.

What are the differences?

The differences are mainly in mods -- as mentioned, this pack is much much lighter even though it still has many highly intensive client-side mods such as FancyBlockParticles and BetterFoliage. If you're on a weak computer, feel free to disable these to enjoy the game to the fullest!! I've also added some new mods, with difficulty tweaks in respect to them:

Geolosys Added for a realistic ore distribution mod. Difficulty measures taken include: - Samples configured to drop nothing - Reduced sample count - Skill levels integrated for all ore blocks

Immersive Engineering Added for some tech and power progression. Can also be used for semi-automatic ore mining via the sample and excavator system.

Storage Drawers and BetterStorageToo Added as improved storage solutions at a cost.

Refined Storage Added for technical progression and storage automation

Electroblob's Wizardry A fun magic mod for some mid-game content!

Rustic A fun mod that fits the feel of the pack perfectly, offering nicer aesthetic blocks, and realistic crushing mechanics as a means to help keep things realistic and interesting.

Idō Fancier swimming to further immerse the player

Hosting Options

You can just download the latest version of the pack, remove any client mods and slap it in a Forge Serv installation to get a server up and running!