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Odoacre's Multiplayer pvp pack 2 will start downloading in 5 seconds...


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Odoacre's Multiplayer pvp pack 2


This Modpack is now playable for 1.12.2

Furthermore it has been completely reworked!


Support for this project has ended 


 WARNING: This Modpack doesn't include a server to play on, it's meant for users to create their own servers and play with this


pvp based pack with flan's mod  & official content packs

multiplayer pack

You can have fun playing with other people on custom servers

This modpack is made at the lightest possible so that everyone can play it

But if you still have performance issues you can turn of better foliage and/or Dynamic sorroundings which are the most detailed and the ones that could create performance issues


elimination, team deathmatch, skirmish minigames

The perfect modpack for people who want to create a map and playing it in a fortnite styled minigame on a custom server


New mods!

An awesome customized HUD reworked just to give the best experience in PVP!


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Mods and Permisions: HERE