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Fibergum is an insane exploration modpack of 40+ excellent mods that you can play on your survival world!

What Does It Add?

- 45+ New Mobs (Alex's Mobs, Quark).

- More Slabs and Vertical Slabs (Quark).

- More Stone Types (Quark).

- Recipe Tweaks (Quark).

- More Weapons, Tools, and Armor (MoreVanillaArmor, MoreVanillaTools).

- 65+ New Biomes (Biomes O' Plenty).

- More Plants and Food (Biomes O' Plenty, Pam's Harvestcraft 2).

- New Recipes (Craftable Saddles).

- GUI Tweaks (Just Enough Items, Quark).

- Minimap and Large Map (Xaero's Minimap and Xaero's Worldmap)

- 20+ New Structures (Repurposed Structures).

- Storage drawers that give you more space for your items (Storage Drawers).

- Scuba Gear to dive without time limit (ScubaGear)

- New teleporting options like Waystones and teleporting to biomes (Waystones, Nature's Compass).

- Double Jump enchanting book (Leap).

- Disable new recipe notifications (Toast Control, Quark).

- Adds a variety of new machines (Applied Energistics 2).

- And a lot of additional features!



How to Install Fibergum

To install the Fibergum Modpack you'll need to install the CurseForge App (if you don't have it yet)

Then if you click on "Install", it will open your CurseForge App and install Fibergum.


Included Mods:

- Alex's Mobs

- AppleSkin

- Applied Energistics 2

- Aquaculture 2

- Biomes O' Plenty

- Clumps

- Comforts

- Craftable Saddles

- Decorative Blocks

- Pam's Harvestcraft 2

- Just Enough Effect Descriptions

- Just Enough Items

- Just Enough Professions

- Just Enough Resources

- Leap

- MoreVanillaArmor

- MoreVanillaTools

- Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod

- Nature's Compass

- Neat

- Quark

- Quark Oddities

- Repurposed Structures

- Scuba Gear

- Storage Drawers

- Supplementaries

- Swing Through Grass

- Toast Control

- Waystones

- Xaero's Minimap

- Xaero's Worldmap