Fairy Tail - Wooooow

56,374 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Getting Started

Key Bindings

The very first step before even entering the world should be to resolve Key Conflicts. I have installed a mod into this pack that will help resolve conflicting keybinds very easily. This Modpack, unlike others, relies heavily on a variety of different keys and you will not be able to get the full experience if you cannot use certain keys to execute certain commands or actions. Matter of factly you may suffer more if you cannot use certain abilities.

Entering The World

So now you have entered the world. You are ready to begin your adventure. Here are some things you should note about this modpack. It alters the entire experience of Minecraft. This sets the scope of Minecraft well beyond what may be expected. This pack is specifically designed to be difficult. It is specifically designed to be harsh. Your first step upon entering the world should be to seek a suitable location for shelter.

Your First Steps

The first step you should take is finding an appropriate place to set up a base of operations. If you are playing on the official server then you start in Fiore which is an adventure world. You can use the warp command to get to Bellum where you can begin gathering resources. Now move on to the next section.

The Magic System

Fairy Tail - Woooow!, like its name implies for those a fan of the anime, contains magic. The Magic System used in the modpack is provided by ArsMagica II, BloodMagic, Thaumcraft, and ArcaneScrolls. ArsMagica II is in of itself a massive mod. However, the bare essentials of it is that you have the ability to create custom spells and utilize them to your advantage. There are three types of spells. (Offensive, Defensive, Utility) There is also a talent tree that you can place points into as your Magic Level increases. Your magic level increases by utilizing spells for their intended purpose. (I.E. Shooting a fireball at a wall will not increase your Magic Level)


As stated above. ArsMagicaII is a massive mod and it is best to utilize its Wiki as well as watch some of the various YouTube tutorials available. Master magic will pay off as it furthers the way you can execute combat.