Fairly Harder [Fabric]

136 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 22, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1  

 Making Minecraft Harder, but Fair

A modpack that aims to add nothing to the game, while changing the entire way you play it!

This Modpack is intended to be played on Hardcore for the best experience


This Modpack changes both combat and mobs. Dual wield weapons, stack potions, and fight against buffed mobs in every area of the game. You can even enjoy the Bedrock Wither experience in Java! You will be challenged from the moment you first fight mobs, so prepare yourself for a completely new survival experience, while still playing the all-so-familiar vanilla Minecraft. Terrain generation remains unchanged, no new systems are required for your survival. The only thing you must do to survive: play smarter, and better.


  • Changes nearly every aspect of Combat
  • Dual wield weapons!
  • Stack potions
  • Experience a harder wither fight
  • Freeze mobs with snowballs!
  • A larger slime size
  • Baby wither skeletons
  • Naturally spawning Charged Creepers and Zombie/Skeleton Horse Jockeys
  • Performance and QoL mods to improve the general experience

A more detailed summary of changes can be found on the Project's Github Wiki

A lot more is planned for the future of this mod, but mods for these planned features do not yet exist. I may make these myself in the future.



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