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This modpack tries to stay as small as possible and at the same time tries to have a big amount of content to explore and play with!

In this modpack are also used 4 resourcepacks:


This modpack has many structures and dungeons mods, a bit of dimensions, character skill upgrade, a bit of bosses and Wildfire Female Gender Mod


Modpack is orientated to stay as low-end modpack, so, low-end PC/Laptops could run this.

Modpack is tested on:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.9GHz (CPU)
  • 4(3.4)GB DDR3 (RAM)
  • Intel G41 Express Chipset (Integrated GPU)


(Minecraft was on low graphics settings)

and the result was:

55-60+ FPS on windowed mode

~30-40 FPS on fullscreen mode (res: 1600x900@59Hz)


and will work much better on better PCs!


Mod list:



Feel free to use this modpack as you want (Take inspiration for another modpack, make videos etc.), as long as you left a link on this site and don't earn any money from this (except YouTube).