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Exodus Craft is an Official modpack for the PotionStudios Discord (Creators of Oh the Biomes You'll Go and AloneTogether)


This modpack is simply something fun for my discord members and patrons to have fun with. The mod is kitchen sink modpack that contains a little bit of everything.


Main Features:

-Exploration: With many biome and structure mods, you'll never get bored wandering.

-Magic: The latest and best magic mods 1.15.2 has to offer with popular mods such as Botania.

-Tech: Use mods such as mekinism to create vast pipe systems and advance to top tier technology.

-Food & Farming: Many new foods, and farming to do here!

-Dimensions: a few select dimension mods that add a fun interesting twist such as the Bumblezone!

-Building: TONS of new building blocks to work with to create unique buildings, the limit is your imaginations!

-Adventure: Find new mini bosses, bosses, weapons, gear and more throughout the world!

-Misc: brand new enchantments, potions and other misc, helpful items and blocks too!!


Recommendations: A personal recommendation would have to be Optifine, this will enhance your gameplay visually! Also mods that add ambient sounds too!


We do have server files coming soon!