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  • Excalibur's Crate is a Yogbox revival, remastered for 1.20.1

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Coming Dec 25th: 1.2.3: The Immersion Update

Coming 2024: 1.2.4: The Core Update



Disabling the resource pack is not recommended as it is a tool in connecting

the mods and story together more consistently


Returning Classics: 


  --BrassAmber BattleTowers------------Classic Hostiles--------------Brass's Armory-----------Minions Mod Remastered--       ---Official Continuation----------Revival of Mo' Creatures------Revival of Balkon's Weapons--------Official Continuation-----

     ------Classic Exploration----------Soulbound Armory---------------Warp Wing----------------------Classic Stats-------        ------Revival of Airship Mod--------Official Continuation----------Revival of Crystal WIng--------Revival of In-Game Info---

 --------LevelHearts-----------------------ThaumCraft 7------------Chocolate Quest Repoured-----------MineColonies------- --Revival of MoreHealthRPG--------Official Continuation----------Revival of Chocolate Quest---------Official Continuation--

----------Biomes O' Plenty--------------------XP Tome-------------------Global XP------------------------It's A Shelf!--------     ---------Revival of Extra Biomes XL------------Revival of XP Book------------Revival of XP Chest------------Revival of Shelf--------


The story continues, 11 years later in the same chaotic universe of cults and ancient power...


Summon forth your Minions and command them to do your every bidding!


Take to the skies and watch out for arrows!

Gather yourself an arsenal of gear, fit for a fighter or an explorer  

discover thriving villages or found your own

 Investigate forbidden Thaumic knowledge


Call forth the spirits and summon your Soulbound armory

 But be warned... The golem's not alone this time...


Continuing the story!


Excalibur's Crate:
It's time...

to return to Yogbox!


Credits to any and all who helped shape the pack

list under active editing daily




-A special thanks to: sMilamber / jodlodi / justcama / Xrated_junior / DerToaster / KekeCreations!

You guys built this pack from the ground up. Without your modding skillset, we'd have quite the gap in our content


-A special thanks to Nnym!

Maintainer of Soulbound Armory, kind enough to pass the mod off to us for 1.20+ <3


-A special thanks to AtomicStryker!

For passing the torch and allowing the team to officially revive Battle Towers and Minions Mod


-A special thanks to: Matt "Maffhew" Dillow!

Creator of the Excalibur resourcepack; An absolute masterpiece that ties this pack together [and permission to modify it]


A special thanks to: FireController1847!

Creator of Yogbox 2.0, official next version of Yogbox and as much of a fanatic as I am for this series
Also moved his mod to 1.20 from the pure passion I have for this revival project <3




A special thanks to the Contributors!


GrandPappyJay: Datapack wizard behind: CrateRules / CrateCraft and custom resource support


TC: First iteration of Brass's Armory melee weapon textures


BottomTextCf28: Brass Geodes texture remasters and assistance across various assets


Creeepwastaken: Excalibur Bloodslash sweep effect


PionSteam: assistance in various sound design




A special thanks to the Musicians!


LudoCrypt: BrassAmber Battle Towers OST: Battle Tower Signals [Tower music tracks]

RotchGwylt: BrassAmber Battle Towers OST: Battle Towers [Tower golem tracks +2 bonus tracks!]




A special thanks to the dedicated testers!













A special thanks to Sesh and EternalMothMan!

Exploit Hunters / Pack Crashers


A special thanks to CelestialCloudSlime!

Pack Shaper / Charm Influence