Modpack is intended to be used on vanilla+ server called Exalted (Link )


Recommended vanilla tweaks Resource Pack. THis profile of the Vanilla tweaks resource pack contains fancy enhancements to make game look better

Unfortunately i wont be able to upkeep that modpack much but it should be good for 1.19 version. Why? Cus i get drafted not long after the pack goes up on the website

See ya in January 2024... hopefully...

Changes and Core features:

• Figura mod - run around with your fancy custom made 3d avatar instead of ol' boring skins. Supports animations and Lua language scripting

• Funny Figura mod default avatar - If i had time it would have much more animations >.< For now ya have Wave and Sit in a beach chair emotes when activating them with action wheel

• Inventory tabs mod - Allows to switch between containers like chests and crafting stations without exiting inventory screen(Please do not change config cus many vanilla servers will be angry at you "cheating". As of now it works fine and will not trigger any anticheats)

• Fancy custom main menu themed around Exalted server

P.S. I will certainly continue to love mc and stuff once i return from serving my country so wait for my return. I will make best modpacks for the game I love. Your best wishes and all ya can give to wonderful admin and my friend Jowcey over in the Exalted Discord Server