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Enigmatica 6 Expert is a quest-guided progression modpack for Minecraft 1.16.5

Experience a finely tuned pack with mods that have been carefully chosen and painstakingly integrated with custom recipes and lovingly crafted art assets that create a cohesive experience of mods playing well together. As well as a highly rewarding quest book that will bring even a novice player up to speed on some of the finest mods 1.16 has to offer.

Progress through a hand-built mod progression that interweaves magic and technology in unique and unexpected ways, featuring massive custom Masterful Machines, thousands of modified recipes, and separate quest lines to guide the way.

Delve into magical reactors run by spirits of the Otherworld and dangerous fission reactors kept running by your ingenuity alone as a fully re-tuned and re-balanced energy system will leave your machines hungry for more.

Fend off custom Apotheosis bosses and other dangerous critters to explore numerous dungeons overflowing with custom loot to help you on your way.

Prepare for epic battles with the ancient Pharaohs of Atum, the flesh devouring Masticator of Undergarden, and the Wilden Chimera, all in the name of regaining the lost knowledge of the ancients necessary to master the arcane arts.

Find and Breed custom Resourceful Bees whose delicious gifts will be vital in your ultimate quest.

Easily switch to and from normal mode with the commands /mode normal and /mode expert

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