You wake up and find yourself on an island far from any human communication, and it's not just any ordinary island. This is the setting for a captivating Minecraft skyblock modpack that introduces EMC to enhance your survival and creativity. In this modpack, your objective is to thrive on a small floating island suspended in the void. However, unlike traditional Skyblock, this modpack features a variety of material generators, which you can exploit to multiply resources and expand your island's capabilities, and they enable you to streamline resource collection and focus on building your dream island. Whether you're a master builder, or a resource hoarder, this Skyblock modpack offers something for every type of player. With creativity and innovation at the forefront, you'll craft an island paradise and conquer challenges in ways you've never imagined. So, embark on this journey to the sky and explore the endless possibilities that await in this amazing Minecraft modpack.

 *NOTE* This is an unofficial spin-off of another pack called Sky Capsule Project by TheMediocoreModders 

✔ Custom Resource Generators

✔ Over 450+ Quests!

✔ A ton of mods!

✔ Tech!

✔ Automation!

✔ ProjectE!

For Servers make sure you set the level-type=skyblockbuilder\:custom_skyblock


We'd Highly Recommend allocating between 6-8GB of RAM to the pack. Too little can cause major performance issues, and going with too much can sometimes have issues performing as well on some machines.