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Crop Block is now out!


 EggBlock is a skyblock in which you get almost all your resources from Chickens. It's relaxing and addictive with a wide range of things you can do. It includes 3 Pack Modes:

  • Babybird - essentially normal mode, with barely any recipe changes
  • Mamabird - everything that can be obtained from Chickens, must be obtained from Chickens
  • Daddybird - mamabird, but with recipe changes.


  • You can only manually change your mode in config>packmode.cfg>packMode=
  • The pack is in a beta state and will remain in one until a few Checkens are added to More Chickens.


  • The Twitch App to download it
  • At least 4.5-5GB of RAM allocated to the pack.
  • A decent CPU.

Notes on BQ

 The quest book was made based around the daddybird mode progression line, so besides the quests for resources, you don't have to follow it.

 If something regarding quests or quests rewards is mentiond in the update log,  do "/bq_admin default load" and "/bqs_loot default load" to update your questbook.


 If you find any bugs or if your game crashes please post them on the pack's issue page. It really helps a lot. When reporting a bug note:

  • It needs to be in English
  • Be on the latest version
  • If it's a crash, put it  on pastebin or any other copy/paste site
  • Mention whether it's on Singleplayer ir Multiplayer
  • Keep in mind that pack makers are people too. Don't just complain about it

Server Files

 If you want to make your own server to play with friends or followers, you can find a download for a server file next to every version of CurseForge. To create a server run the forge.jar. If you have a big community server, you should disable chunkloading in the "local" file. Keep in mind that the packmode needs to be the same on the server and client.


 Join our Discord server and chat with others who play the pack. I also tend to drop hints about future updates there as well.

Other Pixel Packs

 If you enjoy Egg Block or maybe feel like it's not your type of skyblock, check out my other skyblock packs:
-Modern Skyblock 3 - a skyblock pack that practically doesn't have any recipe changes, but still has a progression line, stopping you from making certain items until you unlock them in the questbook

-Crimson Skies - an expert lore-driven skyblock pack

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