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A collection of gameplay tweaks, interface feature, performance enhancement, and many other mods, that can all be used in vanilla servers.

NB: some features in this mod-pack might not work or even trigger the anti-cheat in some servers, you can always disable the mod or simply not use that feature.



- swap chestplate for elytra with a single key-press [`].
- world map, open with [M], and toggle HUD mini-map with [K], enlarge it with [\].
- automatic tool switching based on the clicked block/entity, toggle with [R].
- many crafting table tweaks and fast crafting UI.
- switch between nearby containers and work stations GUIs without closing any.

- swap hotbar slots with [Z] or the entire hotbar with [X] with one from the inventory.
- in-world waypoints, create one with [N], open the waypoints list with [J].
- zooming without spyglass wtih [C].
- fast block placing, toggle with [Y].
- stay sneaking when a GUI is opened.
- sort inventory and containers.
- faster villager trading UI.
- auto-clicker, open configs with [I], and toggle with [H].
- instant night vision without potions, toggle with [V].
- more logical off-hand torch placement conditions.
- random placement of blocks in hotbar, toggle with [O].
- auto-climb ladders, disabled by default.
- dynamic lights by holding a light source.
- automatic replant of crops.
- better item dragging and clicking in inventories.

- lock inventory slots to prevent dropping items by mistake, open inventory and ALT+click the slot.
- hand item refill.



- food value and saturation visualization and tooltips.
- HUD armor slots with low durability notifier.
- health bar over mobs, toggle with [U].
- horse stats and better horse HUD.
- player heads before player name in chat.
- better looking F3 menu.
- numeric ping display.
- clear view in lava.
- status effects timer displays in HUD.
- 360 degrees third-person view.
- hidden shield unless holding weapon.
- more tooltips stats for tools.
- no more line numbers in scoreboard.
- clean main menu.
- show shulker box content just by hovering over the shulker box in inventory.
- disable new world tutorial toasts.
- show map just by hovering over the map item.
- third-person animations for eating, rowing, climbing, crawling...
- hidden own particles.
- many redstone blocks utility textures.



- alternative for Optifine's performance boosting.
- RAM usage optimization.
- less FPS drop due to entities.
- less laggy lighting engine.
- fast world loading.
- performance boosting default configuration.
- circular instead of square render distance.
- less lag when around many tile entities.
- less CPU usage when the game is in the background.
- fast game loading.



- bind commands to keys (macros), press [#] to configure.
- in-game account authentication and switching.
- download worlds from multiplayer servers.
- searching items in chests, open search UI with [G].
- in-game music player (YT, SoundCloud...), press [F8] to open UI.
- light level overlay to show where hostile mobs can spawn.
- x-ray to find ores.
- dropped items start flickering when about to despawn.
- structures holograms (schematic) for easier copying of buildings.
- keybind search with many options.
- see farther than the server's chunk distance.
- deleted worlds goes to trash instead of permanent deletion.
- brighter nether blocks textures.
- remove ghost blocks, press [P] to reveal them.