Dragon Survival: Young Modpack [Abandoned]

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■ Dragon Survival ■ 
■ If you dream of becoming a dragon in Minecraft like me, then this modpack is for you! ■ 


■ The official modpack by creator Dragon Survival for those who do not want global mods, but need good mods specifically for survival as a dragon. We have everything a cave, forest and sea dragon could need in 180+ mods I found specifically for them. ! I tried very hard to create this modpack and changed a lot of mod configs significantly. This is not just a set of mods.


■ Engineers and fans of industrial mods are unlikely to like this modpack, but if you want to be an explorer and love dragons - this is exactly what you need. I, along with friends and acquaintances regularly play with this modpack and are confident that everything is working steadily and without failure. But if you find a problem, tell us!


■ At the moment this modpack is no longer supported and no will be updated. On the basis of this created another modpack for 1.18.2 - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/play-as-dragon


■ Simply install Curseforge App on your computer, search "Dragon Survival: Young Modpack" and click "install"

■ Or watch this video about curseforge. 


■ When creating a world, choose Default. P.s.You may need to wait a while (2-8 min), don't hurry to close the game. 

■ The first thing you need to do is to go into the controls and configure your buttons the way you like. Any buttons that are problematic will be highlighted in yellow. 

■ If you create a server with this modpack, be sure to remove all unnecessary client mods (like Better F3, and others).

■ You can simply transfer all of your old Minecraft settings with three files: options.txtoptionsof.txt and optionsshaders.txt
■ A separate tip for those who want to update all the mods: click on the three dots near the "Play" button in CF. Here "Profile Options" and there check the "Allow content management in this profile" box. You will then be able to delete, add mods and update them. Just open the "mods" tab and click on all the download/upload symbols.

■ I recommend installing Optifine and Sildurs shader
1. Set "Performance"/"rendering areas" to "off" (cave dragon);

2. Set "shaders" / "shader options" /"fog options"/ "underwater fog density" to 150-200 (sea dragon);



■ Dragon Survival is main mod of this modpack. The most important feature is that you have to become a dragon. To do this, you are given an Altar to turn into a dragon from the very beginning of the game. Just install it and choose any dragon you like. You will immediately have wings and the ability to fly. But don't think it will help you much in this modpack. Often it's more dangerous to fly than to run away. You cannot become a human or another dragon with impunity. 
■  All info about what and how to do with this mod you can find here: https://dragons-survival.fandom.com

■  The differences between the DS in modpack and "vanilla" DS:

- you can get a star bone from a mutant skeleton;

- Elder Dragon bones and dust can be found in treasure chests;

- Elder Dragon bones and dust can be dropped by all bosses;

- Elder Dragon dust and bones are added as a reward in bountiful board;

- water filters appeared from which also can drop Elder dragon dust;

- dragons now has different footprints.



■ Once you've decided on a dragon, a whole world is open to you, which you will need to carefully explore. To make your dragon stronger and bigger, create Elder dragon heart. For crafting, you will need the dust and bones of a Elder Dragon, which can be found in dungeons, strong monsters, as well as digging from ore, which gives experience to the player. But remember the most important thing: don't get hung up on farming, just enjoy the game! It will take a lot of effort for you to create a stage 3 dragon. 


■ Forget about looking for starter tools, your dragon has innate stone claws and teeth that will get even stronger over time. But don't forget the tools entirely. Good human tools are still superior to your natural parameters.


■ Your diet has also undergone significant changes. You will not be able to safely eat human food, otherwise you will get poisoning. Remember: the sea dragon eats raw seafood, the cave dragon eats charred food and charcoal, and the forest dragon prefers raw meat


■ Chances are you will never have to resort to searching for information for the sake of moving forward, but if you don't know what to do with a found item or animal, just use the JEI in your inventory (R or U on item). It will show you where to apply the item. If you still have questions about a mod, first of all open Achievements menu (esc) and find the name of mod you are looking for. These two sections will give you 80% of the information you need, but if you still have questions, just google mod name. 


■ I had to try hard to make a world suitable for all dragons. Diverse biomes without unnecessary details, rich sea and not boring dungeons. I advise forest dragons to explore our beautiful forests, cave dragons to look into Nether, and sea dragons to plunge into the depths of a sea. I hope you enjoy exploring these beautiful places in a special way. All this beauty is achieved with the help of  AmbientSounds, Dynamic Surroundings, Sound Filters, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, BetterEnd, Spheric, Caves & Cliffs 1.17, Dungeon Crawl, Dungeons Plus, Infernal Expansion, Neapolitan, Quark, The Endergetic Expansion and YUNG's.



■ As a big animal fan, I couldn't pass up the addition of numerous harmonious creatures to this world. Many of them are newly created and you may not have seen these animals yet. Perhaps something on this list will be familiar to you: Earth mobs, Creatures and Beasts, Frozenup, Environmental and other.

■ I advise you to pay special attention to the Genetic Animals mod. It is thanks to this you can collect a huge number of varieties of farm animals, engage in breeding and observe their interesting behavior. 


■ In the sea you will meet about 100 new species of sea creatures thanks to the following mods: Fins and Tails, BettasUpgrade aquatic,  Aquaculture, Odd Water Mobs and Fresh warriors.


■ The most important detail of dragon world is elaborate and varied dragons from Wyrmroost mod. Here you will find allies and enemies. There are few mods in the world that add such high quality dragons, so be sure to explore these interesting creatures. 


■ If the world around you seems too cruel, tame your wolf and improve it with DoggyTalents. This is one of the few "complicated" mods that will require you to open the Achievements and JEI section to figure out where to start.




■ Do you think you can hide from your enemies like you used to? Alas, a strong dragon needs strong enemies to harden his character. Don't rush into a fight and be careful. I sympathize with those who are afraid of spiders (no).  Many monsters now have brains and you might accidentally encounter enhanced versions of vanilla enemies along the way. Dust or elder dragon bones will drop from some of these monsters. 

■ The sponsors of your nightmares: Improved Mobs, Sapience, Champions, MutantBeasts, Knights, Spiders-2.0, Evil Wandering Trader, Progressive Bosses, Savage & Ravage, Snow Pig, Bones, Geode.



■ You will most likely want to settle in the village, as they are now protected and improved. There are new professions, names and guards. If you're tired of senseless murders, you can use the task board and complete them. Special kobold towns and villages will also appear in the caves!



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