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A modpack that focuses around the Create mod, and attempting to keep the otherwise vanilla-feel intact. A lot of QoL mods have been added to mitigate some of the tedious aspects of Minecraft, while others enhance the visual and auditory experience. You wont find many overpowered items, or overlapping automation mods that accomplish the same thing, but there are tons of decorative mods, which allow you to build just about anything.


🐲 Fairly lightweight for faster load times, and less server/client stress

🐲 Use Create to automize and make creative contraptions

🐲 Make custom gear with Silent Gear

🐲 Store and organize all your items with Storage Drawers, Iron Chests and Metal Barrels

🐲 Hundreds of decorative blocks to build just about anything you can imagine

🐲 Several UI mods that improves usability

🐲 Many quality of life mods that improve existing game mechanics, and introduce new ones

🐲 Countless new biomes to explore in both Overworld, Nether and The End

🐲 Extended villager mechanics like new villagers and trade deals

🐲 Modified vanilla dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds