494 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

DogPile is a SpongeForge compatible pack aimed at medium to large servers, offering the best in exploration while allowing for a balanced and stable multiplayer experience that can survive late-game players. 


  • Provide a deep, challenging, and fulfilling adventure and survival experience.
  • Maintain the general Minecraft aesthetic while providing tons of new items, mechanics and mobs.
  • Limit automation in a way that offers optimal server performance.
  • Keep the highest level of sponge compatibility by bundling it in from the start, even in single player.
  • Divert from usual claim and team management and allow server operators to leverage server plugins to customize the claim and team management experience. 
  • Provide a stable and performant multiplayer server experience.
  • Keep compatibility with Waterfall proxy and vanilla servers to allow deeper network integration. 
  • Curb late-game production so the server can maintain an economy if desired.


  • MineColonies - A fun and unique take on automation! Build a town and let the citizens run it for you.
  • SpongeForge - Developed with sponge in mind from the start, this pack comes bundled with the recommended and tested version of sponge for both single player and multiplayer. 
  • Thermal Dynamics and Thermal Expansion - Get thermal! Play using the gold standard in automation with RF, transfer ducts, and more.
  • The Lost Cities with Biomes o' Plenty - Enjoy beautiful landscapes speckled with abandoned cities. This pack comes with a tuned default generator to give you the most immersive and balanced world. Simply create your game and go! No complex generator options needed. 


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