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Welcome to Divine Journey!


Divine Journey is a finished project, 1.5.7 will most likely be the last update.
Divine Journey 2 for 1.12.2 has been released! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/divine-journey-2
public Discord server for Divine Journey 2 exists, which you can feel free to join: https://discord.gg/rH9pyS7


If you'd like to try Divine Journey in 1.12.2, a port exists named "Celestial Journey" made by Unhook!


This is an Expert pack, meaning recipes are much harder and you have one goal to work towards:

"Make Infinite Infinity Ingots"

...achieved by first making one, then putting it in a Creative Strongbox.

This will require a lot of Automation setup and good game knowledge!
Both the Quest Book and the Achievement Book will help you get there.

- EASY MODE [harder than PO2 Titan mode]
- HARD MODE (DEFAULT) [harder than PO2 Kappa mode]
"/ftb_mode set easy" or "/ftb_mode set hard"



How to setup a Divine Journey Server (at the bottom on the main post):


Newest Server files (1.5.7):



Average completion time:

Easy Mode: 300 - 600 ingame hours
Hard Mode: 500 - 1000 ingame hours


Travel through all of DivineRPG and 4 other Magic Mods

Linear progression

800 Quests in the Quest Book

300 Achievements in the Achievement Book

...Much like by FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock and Project Ozone 2

1140 modified recipes

30 craftable Creative Items


Original MinecraftForum thread with a lot more information.

This pack includes Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Link: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=10820&pageNo=1Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. To disable Fastcraft, go to your installation folder/mods/, and remove "fastcraft-###.jar". If you're noticing issues, contact the mod author.





Feaured Let's Play by To Asgaard:

Ep 30 Base Tour:

EP 1:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What version of Minecraft is this pack made for?
A: 1.7.10

Q: What mods are in it?
A: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/divine-journey/relations/dependencies

Q: How do I make a Divine Journey Server?
A: "How to setup a Divine Journey Server" (at the bottom on the main post):

Q: How much RAM do I need for the client / server?
A: For the client, 4 GB RAM is enough. For the server, depending on the number of players: 4 - 120+ GB RAM (for 2 - 30+ players).

Q: How do I give my client more RAM?
A: Curse Launcher: Bottom left Gear icon (Settings) -> Minecraft -> Java Settings -> Allocated Memory
Technic Launcher: Top right Gear (Options) -> Java Settings -> Memory

Q: How do I give my server more RAM?
A: It's explained at the "How to setup a Divine Journey Server" part (at the bottom on the main post):

Q: Which version of Java do I have to use?
A: Java 8.

Q: How exactly do Easy and Hard modes differ?
A: Changed recipes are a lot less grindy in Easy Mode. Check the Images tab for examples: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/divine-journey/images

Q: Where is the installation folder / Where do I find my save files?
A: Curse Launcher: C:/Users/*yourname*/Documents/Curse/Minecraft/Instances/Divine Journey
Technic Launcher: C:/Users/*yourname/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/divinejourney
(To get to the Roaming folder, type %appdata% into Windows Start Menu search.)

Q: Do I need to make a new world when the pack updates?
A: No. (Unless I specifically state that in the Changelogs, but that hasn't happened yet.)

Q: Will you add X mod?
A: No, Divine Journey is a finished project.

Q: Will you change X recipe / X configuration?
A: No, Divine Journey is a finished project.

Q: I want to add X mod. Will I be fine?
A: Most likely yes, since the pack uses the latest version on 1.7.10 Forge. But you won't be able to join any Servers after you've modified your pack.

Q: I want to add OptiFine but my game crashes. What to do?
A: Remove FastCraft first. Those two don't work together.

Q: What unlocks X quest?
A: You can check this by yourself.
1. Go to your installation folder\Divine Journey\config\hqm.
2. Open editmode.cfg and change "B:UseEditor=false" to "B:UseEditor=true".
3. Startup your client, and create a new world.
4. Open the Quest Book and you can see what quest requires what other quest, and which one unlocks what.
(This won't affect Multiplayer, unless you change editmode in your Server's folder.)

Q: I can't complete X quest. Why?
A: There are some known quest bugs: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/divine-journey/issues/6
But none of them are gamebreaking. This also explains why I'm not fixing them.
If you want to forcefully unlock a quest, type "/hqm edit" or "/hqm edit playername" ingame. (This requires Cheats to be toggled on in Singleplayer, or for your to be OPped in Multiplayer.) This gives you an OP edition of the Quest Book, where you can unlock any quest by Shift+Clicking on it.

Q: Why can't I craft an Osmotic Enchanter / Project Red Expansion Auto Crafting Bench?
A: Because it has been disabled. It caused a ticking entity error, which crashes the game after a while it has been loaded. The only way to stop the crashes would be to edit out the block from the world in MCEdit.

Q: DivineRPG adds a way of crafting Bedrock. Has that been disabled?
A: Yes.

Q: I can't build a Blood Magic Ritual, because the Ritual Diviner is gated by other things. What to do?
A: You can build the Ritual by hand, and color the Stones with Elemental Inscription Tools. Once they are bound, they can also be repaired by right clicking with them.

Q: How do I automate the Alchemic Chemistry Set?
A: Use the Ballad of Alchemy Ritual: https://ftbwiki.org/Ballad_of_Alchemy

Q: How do I automate the Binding Ritual?
A: Use Droppers to drop the required item and an Autonomous Activator to click on the central Ritual Stone. Use a Vacuum Chest to collect the output.

Q: How do I automate Botania Runes?
A: Setup farms to automate the ingredients (Netherite and Bloodgem blocks can be duplicated in the Alchemic Chemistry Set). Create a Pattern for all the required items, send them to the Runic Altar and drop them with an Open Crate. Use a Comparator to detect if any items are on the Runic Altar, and delay dropping a piece of Livingrock and use an Autonomous Activator with a Wand of the Forest to create the Rune. Use a Vacuum Chest with a filter to collect it.

Q: How do I automate the Infusion Altar?
A: Use the Gadomancy Infusion Claw to start the crafting, an Infusion Provider to provide all the Aspects, and item conduits with filters to put the correct items on the Pedestals. You can use ProjectRed logic gates to put it all together.

Q: How do I automate the creation of Necromantic Stones?
A: Use a Level Emittor to emit a signal if you have less than X amount of Necromantic Stones in your ME System, and use a Daylight Sensor to only trigger the crafting at night. Use a slow Timer (so your Altar can recharge), and each time it ticks, throw the required items in the circle and activate the Ritual with an Autonomous Activator. Use a Vacuum Chest with a filter to collect the Necromantic Stone.

Q: How do I automate the creation of Critter Snares?
A: Use Block Placers and Autonomous Activators to place the Alder Saplings, the Zombie (from a Soul Vial), and to activate your Mutating Sprig. Collect the Snares with Block Breakers and a Vacuum Chest with a filter. Then send them to a different area where a Block Placer places them down with a delay, and only have a 1 block gap above for a Bat to get released from a Soul Vial by another Autonomous Activator. Break the result with a Block Breaker.

Q: How do I automate Koboldite?
A: Leash the Hobgoblins in a Wooden Cage so they can barely reach one side of it. Place Block Placers on that side that place Stone Blocks. Arm the Hobgoblins with Iron Pickaxes, and later Koboldite Pickaxes, so they can break the Stone but not the Block Placers. Collect the Koboldite Dust using a Vacuum Chest.

Q: How do I automate Death Protection Poppets?
A: You have 2 options: Use Zzacharium related items or the Infusion Altar. If you use Zzacharium, first make an automted Thornvine farm, and an MFR Auto-Brewer. To automate the Witchery ingredients, use multiple Altars, and encaged areas to drop items into Cauldrons with a Dispenser. You can use any Fluid Conduit to supply Water to the Kettle and the Cauldron. If you use the Infusion Altar, you will only need to automate the Witchery part, but crafting will take longer.

Q: How do I automatically respawn and kill the Ender Dragon?
A: Use a Builder to create the Respawn platform, and activate it with an Autonomous Activator. Measure how long it takes for the Dragon to respawn and use a Timer to fire at it with multiple Autonomous Activators full of fully upgraded Draconic Bows. Collect the loot with a Vacuum Chest, and use the MFR Chunk Loader to load the entire area (You don't want half of your contraption - maybe the part that fires the Arrows - to shut off.)


Thanks to:
XxShadow, for a lot of recipe ideas and the idea to add Gadomancy
Azrael555666, for making a playtesting server
Xellik, for finding some important bugs
Afridqvist, for finding a lot of quest bugs
Samario, for the Demonic Gem and Lambcrystal icons