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/bq_admin default load
(This has to only be done once in multiplayer, by an admin.)


Version 2.14.2:


- Fixed right clicking certain entities causing a Null Pointer Exception.


Version 2.14.1:


- Updated Divine Journey 2 Addons from 1.0 to 1.0.1
- Fixed missing resources.


Version 2.14.0:


Mod additions:
- Divine Journey 2 Addons 1.0 by ByThePowerOfScience a.k.a Haiku
- Gas Conduits 5.3.70
- LagGoggles 5.8-132
- TickCentral 3.2
- Wasaila 1.0 (Waila AgriCraft stats addon)


Mod updates:
- AE2 Unofficial Extended Life v51e -> v0.52.4
- EnderIO 5.2.61 -> 5.2.70
- EnderIO Endergy 5.2.61 -> 5.3.70
- EnderTweaker 1.2.0 -> 1.2.3
- OAuth 1.06.3 -> 1.06.4
- Underground Biomes 1.3.8 -> 1.3.11
- Removed Lapis Stays in the Enchantment Table, because it has been abandonded, and it cannot be downloaded by third party launchers.


- Immersive Engineering Wires and all metal Rods can now be made in the Sawmill and Precision Sawmill as well.
- Nether Reeds Blocks can once again be converted into Nether Reeds. Added a different recipe for Reeds Buttons to avoid conflict. (This broke at some point.)
- Diamond Camel Armor, Diamond Desert Wolf Armor & Diamond Gloves can now be crushed into Diamonds.
- Enchanted Golden Dates can now also be made in the Aether Altar from regular Golden Dates. (The player just needs to progress a bit further first.) Noted this in a tooltip and a quest.
- Mekanism machines can now be cleared via crafting.
- Pulsating Crystals can now be made 4 at the time if using a Diamatine Crystal instead of a Diamond.
- Vibrant Crystals can now be made 4 at the time if using an Emeradic Crystal instead of an Emerald.
- Added a recipe for Gas Conduits, and added a quest for them in Chapter 11.
- Buffalo Hide and Imp Leather are now craftable using Tier 2 Mystical Agriculture Essences.
- The Unending Bowl can now also be crystallized into Methane. (It's got the Coal and the Oxygen!)
- Demon Ingots can now be crafted from Gold Essence and Nether Essence.
- LightningCraft Ichor can now also be made in the Lightningcraft Infusion Multiblock.
- Rainbow Tablets can now also be made slightly cheaper once the player has access to Plasma Cores.
- Added an Alumite Singularity, which is now required for the Tinkers' Singularity.


Balance changes:
- VanillaFix Toasts no longer appear on the top right side of the screen, instead they are just logged.
- Chisels and Bits works correctly now, and its Chisels are unbreakable.
- Slightly more Aechor Plants spawn in the Aether.
- Removed Mithril Ore and related recipes to avoid confusion. Mithril Ore wasn't obtainable anyway.
- Solar Panels V-VIII and Photovoltaic Cells III-VI are now cheaper and available much earlier. Instead of unlocking them through Ch11-23, they are now unlocked in through Ch11-13.
- All Building Gadgets now used 1/10th of the power per click.
- The Superheating Element now produces 10x more heat for more Boiler Steam production.
- Ender Crafting and Combination Crafting is now twice as fast; the Quantum Compressor is now 5x as fast.
- The Hellfire Forge is now 10x faster.
- Will transfer rate is now 10x faster.
- Hellfire Forges can now craft with any Will type.
- Purified Tablets craft 20x as fast.
- The Wildwood Dungeon Spawners are now all behind breakable Obsidian.
- The Filled Bowl of Empty Promises is now made in the Hellfire Forge.
- Increased all Modular Machinery Fluid Hatches 10x. Noted this in relevant quests. (The Essence of Dimensionality & Essence of Thought still take two full Fluid Hatches to create.)
- Bewitchment Demons can no longer be traded with. (This was never intended.)
- Life Essence is once again output by the Mob Loot Fabricator; and increased the Life Essence & EvilCraft Blood output/tick 8x.
- Bricks, Brick blocks and Aerogel now have EMC.
- The second Neutron Collector recipe takes 1 less Energy Collector Mk2 but 1 more Neutronium Ingot.


Quest book changes:
- (Chapter 1) Corrected information about the workstation display location in the "What is JEI?" quest.
- (Chapter 3) Corrected "Immersive" -> "Immerse" the Pyre quest description.
- (Chapter 3) Added more Pigs, Rabbits & Mules to the list of mobs that can drop Fey Leather.
- (Chapter 4) Mentioned the Fluid Trash Can in the Coke Oven quest.
- (Chapter 5) Noted that Nether Reeds can only grow next to Lava.
- (Chapter 6) Removed the quest for the Mekanism Dynamic Tank. Added a warning tooltip that it can sometimes "forget" its liquid.
- (Chapter 6) The P2P Tunnel and Advanced Memory Card quests are now NBT independent.
- (Chapter 7) Corrected the explanation on what Kilns can smelt.
- (Chapter 7) Noted that the Enchanted Golden Date can be gotten from the Aether Altar as well.
- (Chapter 8) Added more information about the spawn location of the Gold dungeon.
- (Chapter 10) Added some notes to the Fluid Transposer and Fractionating Still quests that JEI sometimes doesn't show potion recipes correctly.
- (Chapter 11) The Energy Field Provider quest now mentions that it only works on Industrial Foregoing machines.
- (Chapter 11) Instead of Solar Panel IV, now V states that it's the final Solar Panel available before progressing further into other Chapters.
- (Chapter 11) Rebalanced the quest rewards for Solar Panels.
- (Chapter 12) Corrected the phrase "no longer" in the Portal to the void quest.
- (Chapter 13) Added a note to the Laser Drill quest to explain what "depth" refers to.
- (Chapter 14) Suggested to make multiple Necronomicons.
- (Chapter 15) Added a note to the Blood Extractor quest that it can be combined with a Dark Tank to increase its internal tank.
- (Chapter 15) Corrected Step 3 of the the recommended automation method of the Hellfire Forge.
- (Chapter 16) The Tier 1 Seeds quest now correctly states that Crop Sticks are unlocked with Astral Sorcery.
- (Chapter 16) Changed the joke from "But Steel isn't an alloy" to "But Platinum isn't an alloy".
- (Chapter 19) Added a warning tooltip to the Alchemical Construct quest not to put a Hopper on a Thaumatorium, as it crashes the game.
- (Chapter 22) Added a link to a website to test Big Reactor builds.
- (Chapter 22) Recommended a way to maximize Cyanite gain.
- (Chapter 23) Corrected the recommended automation method for the Starlight Infuser.
- (Chapter 23) Mob Loot Fabricator quest: Added a note that Life Essence only fills up to the Orb's capacity; and made the quest larger, because it's important.
- (Chapter 24) Rephrased the recommended automation for Compressors.
- (Chapter 24) Unhid some accidentally hidden quests.
- (Chapter 24) The Laser Focus quest is now NBT independent.
- (Chapter 27) Corrected the amount of blocks the Material Absorber & the Liquid Absorber need.
- (Chapter 28) Corrected the amount of EMC a piece of White Matter costs.
- (Chapter 29) Rebalanced a bunch of the rewards in the Chapter.
- (Chapter 29) Noted that the player will need 4 Essences of Englargement overall.
- (Chapter 29) Changed some bold letter to dark red letters for better visibility.


- Removed & hid the unused Stone Rod from JEI.
- Disabled the Death Urn that came with the new EnderIO version.
- Disabled more Inventory Panel-related items added that came with the new EnderIO version.
- Added tooltips to all Blood Orbs of their maximum capacity and Altar tier requirement.
- Added tooltips to custom Blood Magic Slates, just like the ones on previous tiers.
- The Rune of Deception now has a slightly clearer icon.

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