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What is Divine Journey 2?

What is Divine Journey 2?


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Info for server owners (Dimension IDs and Client-only mods):


Thank you to:

  • WaitingIdly: Mainting the mopdack, moderating, feature implementations, quest layout & description help, useful recommendations, finding a lot of bugs, testing, helping others on Discord, Mortum Altar build
  • Haiku (a.k.a ByThePowerOfScience): Creating and maintaining the Divine Journey 2 Addons mod.
  • Ringu: The majority of the custom ContentTweaker item & block textures, useful recommendations, Eden "Swan" build, Skythern tree build
  • Unhook: Porting Divine Journey to 1.12.2 called Celestial Journey, check it out, coding help, useful comments
  • RammyT: Moderating, quest description help, useful recommendations, testing, helping others on Discord
  • JadedMagic: Granting a Beta test server, finding bugs, helpful suggestions
  • Realities: Abandoned Moon Facility Dungeon build, Moon Base Decoration build, rebuilding Altross' Eden Dungeon, Eden House & Tower builds, playtesting during the Beta, moderating, helpful comments
  • StrawberryJelly: Moon Base Decoration build, helping to rebuild Altross' Eden dungeon, Wildwood & Apalachia House builds
  • lulu: Moderating, testing, helpful suggestions
  • King: Moderating, helpful suggestions
  • Bosfik (пудж): "Find the button"-style Apalachia Dungeon build, Puzzle Asteroid dungeon build, finding a lot of typos
  • [REDACTED]: Skythern "Arch Lich's Castle" build
  • Dolphinman: Wildwood "Floating Island" Dungeon build, automation testing during the Beta
  • SmexyAhri: Mars "Run down Alien Base" Dungeon build, finding a lot of typos
  • AizaScarlett: Eden Fountain of Youth builds
  • Lushtub: Mortum Tower Dungeon build
  • AD Team (Mage, Cyan, Auti, Niklas, Giri, P.O.G, Royalflush): Venus dungeon build
  • Auti: Generating a comprehensive JEI Resources world-gen file for the overworld
  • Tom: Doing a very thorough playthrough and finding a bunch of crucial bugs to fix before release, helpful comments
  • NickZumb: Testing a LOT of automation during the Beta
  • KleinGrrmpf: Doing a very thorough playthrough and finding a bunch of crucial bugs to fix before release
  • ToasterKoishi: Finding a LOT of typos and grammatical errors during the Beta
  • BananaLord: Automation testing during the Beta, helpful recommendations
  • jehlpxyz, legendcrazyman, and ming3012: Writing a guide on automatic Essentia production
  • Vytalium: Automation testing during the Beta
  • Harhaced: Automation testing during the Beta
  • RoyallyDawson: Finding some bugs during the Beta playthrough
  • marilatte53: Automation testing during the Beta
  • SkinnyBois: Automation & playtesting during the Beta
  • BigAce: Modular Machinery design help, automation testing during the Beta
  • brian: Automation testing during the Beta
  • Altross: Original Eden Dungeon idea
  • Toucanx: Modular Machinery design help
  • Aretha Cairn: Finding some bugs during the Beta
  • RealCyron: Finding some bugs during the Beta
  • BiFross_: Finding some bugs during the Beta
  • Afridqvist: Finding some typos
  • Blue: Helpful comments
  • Jared: Coding help
  • DShadowWolf: Coding help
  • SkySom: Coding help
  • Witixin: Coding help