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Dimensions Inbetween Complete Version


Dimmensions Inbetween is a fun RPG Modpack that utilizes uncountable quality of life mods as well as multiple magic and combat themed mods to build on immersion. This large Modpack contains some of the most popular names out there and offers an exiting, content filled playthrough perfect for experiencing along with companions. Dedication is required to even come close to endgame as this adventure harbours hours of required gameplay and struggle to overcome its many bosses. Around 10+ new bosses roam the lands of your playthrough with many of them residing within the 4 new dimensions that have been included.


featured Mods:


epic fight - adds a improved upon combat system and immersive animation 


Ars Nouveau - adds many sorceries and magical themed items to the game


pyromancies - adds multiple new fire based weapons capable of mass destruction


dusk - be wary of night as it now hoards many more mobs than normal


iron chests/ furnaces - improves upon storage and smelting capability


biomes O' plenty - adds around 50 new biomes to the game


Towers N towns - adds many new structures to the game


Gobber - adds an arrangement of armour tiers to be acquired throughout the game


Farmers Delight - adds many new foods to be farmed


This Modpack has been tested many times and improved upon many times with this version being the final completed projects.

I recommend using the included recourse packs ( note, unfortunately Optifine is not compatible with this Modpack)