DeceasedCraft is a beautiful modern zombie apocalypse that is suitable for players who are seeking thrilling, new exploration, challenging gameplay, slashing/stabbing and shooting at zombies. It also provides semi-realism gameplay and experience where all recipes are considered as realistic as possible, including tech progression and such. It allows you to experience the real-life modern building as well, including customized loot based on building type and possibly taking over a building to make a base, and defend yourself from hordes! Consider this one of the best handcrafted zombie apocalypse modpack out there!

Co-op with more than 2 players is recommended, as there are some difficulties in it.



  • Specially designed customized modern cities built by _C70_.
  • Consists of a residential area, and city area, and finally a wasteland area.
  • Over 100 weapons including melee and guns, all craftable via tech mods.
  • Over 100 foods are provided, and eating various foods also makes you stronger.
  • Skill Tree System that levels up by performing related actions to make you stronger.
  • Parkour movement to avoid danger or perform extraordinary combat skills.
  • Difficulty Scaling, you can pick the difficulty that you preferred and it'll affect all the mob health/damage, for hardcore check Enable Hardcore.
  • Infection System that has a chance to infect players and become zombies within the duration, curable with a golden apple.
  • Horde wave system based on individual play time thanks to The Hordes.
  • Realistic health system for each body part.
  • Diet system for buffs.
  • Temperature and Seasons.
  • Immersive Engineering and Create are here to aid you, in terms of tech-related productions or base defense.
  • Car and planes are added, and produced via tech mods.
  • FTB Quests guidelines are provided in case you're not sure what is within the game.
  • Stronger enemies when you advance further from the starting area.
  • Realistic recipes for crafting modern materials.
  • Sounds engine overhaul.
  • Various decoration and furniture mods.
  • Server pack is provided! Now you can play with your friends.
  • And more...

Minimum RAM Allocation:

  • SinglePlayer: 5GB
  • Client: 4GB
  • Server: 4GB

Recommended RAM Allocation:

  • SinglePlayer: 5GB ~ 6GB
  • Client: 5GB ~ 6GB
  • Server: 5GB ~ 12GB

Please use the latest version to ensure the best experience as they have bug fixes.

Note: If you're are hosting server through online websites, make sure the Enable Command Blocks setting is enabled, otherwise you might miss some of the vehicle spawns and more.

Embeddium is already within the modpack, please don't use Optifine as it has a lot of issues. Complementary/Reimagined Shader or any other shader is HIGHLY recommended for the visuals if you have the hardware for it.

Please make sure the modpack is installed through proper launchers as all the client configs are necessary for the best experience to prevent bunch of conflict with key bindings and client mods for more optimization. Do not download the server pack and use it as your game file to launch it, it's missing a lot of client optimization mods.


  • If the mod pack becomes widely popular, I already have more plans for the mod pack, otherwise, if it's really not that entertaining for most people, I'll decide to drop it and continue busy with life. One of the future plan if it gets popular is will be adding more building types, shopping mall, military base or laboratory etc.
  • Nether and The End are disabled because it doesn't make sense.
  • Phase 1 Update for the game is now completed, it features the wasteland, special enemies from there as well, and armor set bonuses.
  • Phase 2 (Incursion Update) is now completed, it adds new landmark buildings, more bosses and enemy types, and more mechanics.
  • Phase 2.5 (Arsenal Update) is now completed, it adds realistic guns, cannons, main questline and objective, environmental story telling, revamed armor sets, reworked horde system and new dimension.
  • Phase 3 will be hopefully the final phase of this modpack, adding procedural generated NPCs and Lores.
  • Any suggestions will be welcomed as long as it is reasonable or makes sense, such as adding new mods, new recipes, enemy stronger etc.


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MMC Review


If you have any question regarding the modpack, check the wiki page as some of them should answer your questions.

- If possible, I would like to request for all the YouTubers who are playing this modpack, put a link in the description to at least link it back for the people to know what modpack you're playing with.

- Reupload of the modpack or modified version of this modpack is not allowed to be redistributed on the other website, including CurseForge itself.

- Any attempt of copying the city generation data to the other modpack is not allowed, we would like to keep the city data within the modpack itself only.

- LAN multiplayer is not advised or suggested, as there are multiple reports of it breaking, please use server pack and host a server instead to play multiplayer.

- If there is anything weird you encountered during the modpack, please do restart the whole game itself, sometimes loading world and back to main menu and loading world cause weird issues.




Discord is above for chatting with people.For people who were asking for donations, it would be appreciated for some coffee money as only two people are working on this beauty, and one of us still undergoing studies:

Support TqLxQuanZ on Ko-fi! ❤️

Official wiki has been created! Feel free to check it out or contribute to it!

If you're interested in translating the modpack, it is possible and check out: Adding Translation - DeceasedCraft Wiki




TqLxQuanZ - Author and handles everything

_C70_ - Builder for City

YMLong - Quest Book Quality Assurance, Tips Management, and some miscellaneous stuff.



Translation Credits:


Paltia - zh_cn Translation

Kanawa - ru_ru Translation

WolfOruS98 - it_it Translation

don_sick_ato - ko_kr Translation

EddyAM2689 & Amalia - es_es Translation