A small Forge modpack created to breathe new life into the exploration of the overworld.

The Daydreamer Modpack aims to create a more fantastical approach to Minecraft. Packed with extra mobs, new biomes, and much, much more to explore, Daydreamer will keep you busy for hours.

The overworld has so much more to see than before, and with the plethora of new resources to gather and landscapes to see, the adventures will never end. Additionally, building gets a major upgrade with the additions of Biomes O' Plenty's many new blocks, and the Chipped mod's retexturing of almost every block in Minecraft Vanilla.

The modpack also includes several quality of life mods, such as Clumped xp, harvest with ease, Jade, JEI, and much more.


Includes mods to enhance server performance and loading world.