⚔️  Dozens of Bosses w/ Unique Attack Patterns & Animations

⚔️  Hundreds of New Animals and Monsters

⚔️  Hundreds of New Structures

⚔️  A Complete Quest Line & Custom Built Quest System

⚔️  A Unique Reputation System

⚔️  A Souls-like Combat System

⚔️  Over 200 Custom Picked Mods

Important Notes:

- If you decide to edit the pack, do not remove Dawncraft_Resources or Dawncraft_Datapack; Otherwise bugs will occur.

- Allocate at least 6GB Ram to DawnCraft, 8-12 is recommended. Anything above might be a bit overboard.

- Make sure you have Java 18 or 17 installed, otherwise it could cause crashes.

- For MacOS Users, you'll need to either use the LITE version, or check out this doc if you want to play the full version: [Link]



2.0 Update Translations:

Spanish Translation Patch can be found here: [Link]

W.I.P Brazilian-Portugese Translation Patch can be found here: [Link]

French Translation Patch can be found here: [Link]

Chinese Translation Patch can be found here: [Link

1.0 Update Translations:

W.I.P Russian Translation Patch can be found here: [Link]

W.I.P Spanish Translation Patch can be found here: [Link]

Alternative Russian Translation Patch: [Link]

If you're interested in translating DawnCraft materials, they can be found in:

- Villager Quests (global_packs\required_data\DawnCraft_Datapack\data\quest_giver\quests)

- FTBQuest Information (config\ftbquests\quests\chapters)

- Human NPC Quests [Link]

- DawnCraft Mobs lang file


Assets for Content Creators:  [Link]

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Credits & Copyrights:

  • The textures used from savage and ravage are only meant to be used to add compatibility between Epic Fight and Savage and Ravage. Savage and Ravage and Placebo are necessary dependency for the mod in question - "DawnCraft Mobs" to load. It is only meant as a resource patch to improve players' experience when using savage and ravage within the modpack. Before Patch: [Link] After Patch: [Link]  To check a list of dependencies that DawnCraft Mobs used and what tweaks are added, check "DawnCraft Mobs"  dependencies section. [Link]
  • Datapacks used: Towns & Towers [Link], Witch Raid [Link]
  • Resourcepack that aren't on cf: Skyrim Soundpack [Link], Improved Mounting by METAL (Found on EpicFight Discord) Jet and Elia's Armor Re-textured by ScourgeII (Found on EpicFight Discord)
  • All developers of the Epic Fight Team (Yesman, Metal, RK) for helping out with all Epic Fight compat issues
  • Lord Snow for helping out with bug fixes and compat patches
  • Nitsu for making all the boss and trailer music
  • Blackcocofish for letting me use some of his mob assets
  • brier24 for letting me use the cave dweller and sand wyrm model!
  • BisectHosting's team for putting the serverpack in their system on our day 1 launch
  • All of our patrons