Cyberware Pack

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In this mod you can transform yourself into your own robot with a few items.In this mod you can transform yourself into your own robot with a few items.

For example, you can add an ankle joint.

- Transform

To become a robot, you need the Surgery Chamber (to transform yourself).And the Robosurgeon is needed to determine the body parts.To do this, click on the area around your body part then on the body part.Then add the part below. (This can be added or replaced, if it belongs there)To see where the part is going, hold Shift

- robot parts

To get robot parts you need cyberzombies & one of the blocks: Cyberware Scanner / Cyberware Engineering Table. Add a piece of paper and then:

Scanner: If you get the part repaired & possibly the recipe that you can use in the table

Table: If you get component & possibly the recipe


To make parts (without the zombie) you need the table, component and recipe mentioned above. Then you add the required components and click on the hammer (you keep the recipe, otherwise it would be unfair. The recipes are not easy to get)



There are two blocks in those

Component Box: you can store components

Blueprint Archive: you can store recipes

- More is linked below

Warning: With some changes to your body, the card may no longer be played properly. (Possible impact: do not disassemble, do not build, blindness, do not walk, death (if there are too many robot parts), damage)


Tip: Make a backup after every game in the world


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