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 WARNING: Because of an issue with one of our mods, the map is currently only playable in Singleplayer. The mod causing the issue is one that is going to take a while to fix as it is one that will be receiving an entire rework. For now, we hope you enjoy this map in Singleplayer, but expect our future maps to be aimed at creating a playground for you and your friends to roleplay in.




  DISCLAIMER: We want to mention that the slime showcase map was not originally intended to be turned into an adventure map. It was developed originally with the sole purpose of showing on a stream and having crew members controlling most of the systems throughout. While we have developed this version of the map with automation and tweaks to allow it to run like a standard adventure map, we want to warn that players may still encounter bugs such as systems not activating or players being softlocked. For the most part, our main goal with this release is to be able to share this map we've made with the public and allow everyone to explore and see all of the work we've put into. With that in mind, we all hope you enjoy. :)



To get the full experience, we recommend using Optifine and Complementary Shaders alongside this pack. These can be added onto the pack by dropping Optifine into the mods folder and the shaders into the shaders folder. 


Without shaders we recommend 4-6GB of RAM for a smooth experience
With Shaders we recommend around 6-8GB of RAM.



If you'd like to continue to follow our development, you can follow us on:






We've also have been lucky as a team to have our test server provided to us by Bisect Hosting.
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