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 You've played skyblocks based around Chickens and Bees, but have you played a skyblock pack based around agriculture? One where the first thing you do after chopping down a tree is farming? No? Well, this is the pack for you! Crop Block is a skyblock pack based around AgriCraft and Mystical Agriculture. There is no mining, no alloying and no mob farming, just good old farming. It contains all the non-exploration-based mods Mystical Agriculture and AgriCraft support, as well as a few utility mods, rounding up to about 130+ mods, making it playable for most. If the first thing you think of when mentioning AgriCraft is grind, well, don't worry about it. Things have been tweaked to make farming less tedious. In theory, the pack is progressive due to you having to breed together different crops to obtain ones that give you different materials, but you're free to do whatever you want with those materials. And don't worry about getting lost in all the cross-breeding, the quest book is here to guide you through it, meaning you won't be getting quest rewards. If you want a challenge, your main goal is going to be the Creative Vending Upgrade. This pack is meant to be relaxing and short, so don't rush it.


 If you find any bugs or if your game crashes please post them on the pack's Github page. It really helps a lot. When reporting a bug note:

  • It needs to be in English
  • Be on the latest version
  • If it's a crash, put it  on pastebin or any other copy/paste site
  • Mention whether it's on Singleplayer or Multiplayer
  • Keep in mind that pack makers are people too. Don't just complain about it

Server Files

 If you want to make your own server to play with friends or followers, you can find a download for a server file next to every version on the Files page. To create a server run the forge.jar. To join someone else's island, leave you current one with /island leave, they can then send you an invite with /island invite and you can accept it with /island join.


 Join our Discord server and chat with others who play the pack. I also tend to drop hints about future updates there as well.

Other Pixel Packs

 If you enjoy Crop Block or maybe feel like it's not your type of skyblock, check out my other skyblock packs:
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