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CreateCore is a Minecraft modpack that focuses on the Create mod. The modpack is designed to be performant and easy to use, making it perfect for both new and experienced players.

  • ⚡ Fast loading
  • 🖼️ Visual Delight
  • ✨ Optimized
  • ⚙️ For the Tech-Savvy
  • 🛠️ Bug fixes


The Terralith mod is integrated to overhaul world generation using standard Minecraft blocks, bringing a fresh new world to explore without straying far from the vanilla feel.

  • 🏞️ Intricate Landscapes
  • 🌄 Enhanced Elevation
  • 🏔️ Unique Geological Formations
  • 🔍 Compatibility with Vanilla Blocks
  • 🎨 Diverse Palette

Perfect for Explorers:

Terralith is perfect for players who love to explore and embark on adventures. The mod offers endless possibilities for exploration and the creation of epic builds that blend into the landscape. Whether you’re looking to build a secluded mountain retreat, a castle among the hills, or explore the far reaches of your world, Terralith provides the canvas for your imagination.


Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Terralith as part of the CreateCore modpack, as it reimagines the Minecraft world to provide you with an experience like no other.


Create is a mod for Minecraft that revolves around the concept of building and creating mechanical contraptions and machinery. It adds a plethora of mechanical blocks and tools, allowing players to construct elaborate creations, from automated farms and factories to moving vehicles and more. The mod is known for its kinetic energy systems and visual components, giving players the ability to bring their imaginative creations to life.

Notable Features of Create:

🛠️ Robust Mechanics: Create brings an assortment of mechanical blocks and tools, enabling players to build intricate contraptions.

🚂 Immersive Railways: The introduction of trains in Create 0.5 has been astounding. Integrating seamlessly into the game’s aesthetics, the railways are primarily constructed using vanilla blocks, giving the impression that they were always meant to be part of the game.

🚆 Elaborate Transportation: There's an abundance to construct including roundabouts, T-junctions, Y-junctions, intersections, tunnels, bridges, all governed by simple signals. Coupled with the ability to move things, players can delve into an engrossing world reminiscent of classic traffic tycoons.

🏗️ Building and Decorating: With a focus on aesthetics, Create offers a variety of blocks and items for construction and decoration that adhere to the Minecraft theme.

🧩 Addons: The CreateCore modpack incorporates several Create mod add-ons which enrich the gameplay experience. These add-ons introduce new content, features, or modify gameplay mechanics for a unique experience. Some of the add-ons included in the CreateCore modpack are:


Embark on an inventive journey with Create, as it redefines what is possible within Minecraft. Our modpack uses the latest version of the Create mod, 0.5.1, with the subtitle RISE & SHINE.

Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering is an essential component of the CreateCore modpack. This mod aims to provide a realistic and balanced approach to technology and engineering in Minecraft. Immersive Engineering embraces a retro-futuristic aesthetic, bringing a blend of old-world charm and advanced technology.

Key Features of Immersive Engineering Mod:

  • 🏭 Multiblock Structures
  • Realistic Power Generation and Transmission
  • 🔩 Conveyors and Automation
  • ⚙️ Tools and Equipment
  • 🧪 Fluid Handling

Immersive Engineering Image

In addition to these features, Immersive Engineering integrates seamlessly with other mods, including Beyond Earth, by providing electrical power systems and advanced machinery necessary for space exploration.

Immersive Engineering Add-ons:

The CreateCore modpack also includes two add-ons that enhance the functionalities of Immersive Engineering:

These add-ons further enrich the technological aspects of the game, offering players an extensive range of building and creative options.

The integration of Immersive Engineering into CreateCore transforms your Minecraft world into an engineer's playground, with countless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Beyond Earth

Explore space with the Beyond Earth mod! Visit planets, build space stations, and survive in space.

Beyond Earth is an incredible addition to the CreateCore modpack, allowing players to take their Minecraft adventures to outer space! With this mod, you can build rockets, travel to different planets within the Solar System, establish space stations, and even create colonies on other planets.

Key Features of Beyond Earth Mod:

  • 🌌 Space Travel
  • 🪐 Planetary Exploration
  • 🚀 Space Stations and Colonies
  • 👽 Encounter Alien Life
  • 🔬 Advanced Technologies

Space Image The inclusion of the Beyond Earth mod in CreateCore transforms the gameplay into an expansive and endless adventure. Now, not only can players innovate and build fantastic contraptions on Earth, but they can also expand their horizons to outer space.

Server and Community 🌐

CreateCore is meticulously optimized not only for solo adventurers but is also primed for an enhanced multiplayer experience, particularly on the Czech server named after the modpack, "CreateCore." Whether you're in the Czech Republic or elsewhere, CreateCore's server is a melting pot for enthusiasts to share, collaborate, and engage in breathtaking mechanical marvels.

How to Join 🎮

To connect to the CreateCore server, you’re warmly invited to first join our thriving community on Discord. Please note that the server operates on a whitelist basis, ensuring a quality and harmonious environment for all members. Within our Discord community, you’ll find instructions on how to apply for the whitelist and connect to the server.

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