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This is the modpack for the Steam n' Rails Official Minecraft Server!

Create: Steam n' Rails is a mod that overhauls Create's train system and adds many decorative and functional elements, and this is the modpack for the official test server of C:SnR.

Our modlist includes Create but centers around our own mod, Steam n' Rails. We also have a great deal of other mods, such as Dave's Building Extended (for more train parts), Create: Deco for more building blocks in general, and and Create: Enchantment Industry to give more options to players who want to farm. We also have Quark (because you can't build a pack without Quark nowadays) for its general features and a large amount of QoL mods like Rubidium and Radon, just so your frames don't die.

This pack has been decently optimized so your frames shouldn't be that bad.

Hop aboard! We're always accepting new passengers.