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After version 1.2 of Create Reanimated no more updates will be uploaded to CurseForge.

All future versions will be uploaded to Modrinth

This is due to many limitations on the curseforge backend when it comes to maintaining a project.

They make it very difficult to even upload a new update, hence why 1.2 took over a month to be published, over 20 versions have been uploaded and denied by curseforge for no reason. Even when editing the files with their "errors" it would still be denied with no added reasons.




















A Forge modpack with fabric mods such as:


Powered by:

🔧 Forge modpack with fabric content & visual mods

🔧 A new amazing world to explore with hundreds of new biomes

🔧 Optimized settings on install

🔧 Included Rethinking Voxels shaders & Texture packs

🔧 New host of mobs: Vanilla mobs breath new life alongside the highest quality modded mobs

🔧 Focus on animation and quality rather than quantity

🔧 New villages and dungeons with amazing loot and fierce foes!

🔧 The best performance mods on forge for max FPS

🔧 Reimagined the end and nether into jaw dropping yet eerie places

🔧 Tech, Exploration, FUN

🔧 Building galore with 1000+ new building blocks

🔧 100+ of only the HIGHEST QUALITY of animation and content

🔧Thousands of hours of playtime, create what you want, how you want