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Create+ [Forge]


Create+ is a vanilla+ modpack that is centered around the Create mod and it's addons. It is meant to expand he amount of things to mess around with and keep you creating for longer. 

 Modrinth version (which has more mods that weren't available on CurseForge) will be available soon!

⚙️ Build new machines and contraptions with ease with all of the QOL features!

...or fix your old ones 3 times.

🌐 Made for multiplayer!

Tested with FalixNodes free servers and also has e4mc included so a server isn't even required!

⚡Maximum Performance!

Your gpu and your (server's) cpu have been saved!

✅ All Optifine features work right out of the box!

Fresh Animations and Complementary Reimagined are included too!

🌍 Client side mods such as Xearo's Minimap and Worldmap, and more!

Unlike previous versions of the pack... my bad guys

⚖️ Over 200 mods, perfectly balanced and configured!

Bad duplicate features! Bad!

🏛️All of Yung's Structure mods!

Explore great and improved structures from across your world!

🎒Store all of your mechanical components in a backpack so you can make machines at any time with Sophisticated Backpacks!

And you can use Sophisticated Storage to store the outputs of your farms!

✨Decorate your factory with mods like Quark, Supplementaries, and Another Furniture!

Ok so maybe Quark isn't exactly a decoration mod but I still use it's blocks in my builds so I'll count it anyways.

Roughly 5 - 6.2GB of allocated ram recommended (at least on the client - servers need a bit less) - don't use too much more though, since too much ram can actually hurt performance.

Included mods (on the CurseForge version):