Transportation, And What it Includes

-Create With Its Trains -Immersive Railroading -Beyond Earth

War, And What It Includes

-Timeless and Classics Guns -Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions -More to come...

Experience Enhancing Mods

-AppleSkin -BetterEnd -Dynamic Surroundings -Extra Player Render -Falling Leaves -Immersive Portals -YUNG's Better Caves -YUNG's Better Mineshafts -YUNG's Better Strongholds -Serene Seasons -Sound Filters -Spiders 2.0 -Tough As Nails -Xaero's Minimap

Feature Adding Mods

-Aquaculture 2 -Custom NPCs -Doggy Talents -Oh The Biomes You'll Go -RpgZ -Quark -Sophisticated Backpacks -Storage Drawers -More Villagers -Gilding -Crafting Mania -Cosmetic Armor Reworked -Security Craft -Farmers Delight

Quality Of Life Mods

-Enchantment Descriptions -GraveStone -Mod -Just Enough Items -FallingTree -Fast Leaf Decay -Item Filters -SwingThroughGrass -Mouse Tweaks -Scarecrows' Territory

Enchantment Descriptions

Multiplayer Mods

-Good Ol' Currency -Lootr -Modern Online Picture Frames -Plasmo Voice


-Puzzles Lib -Obfuscate -Curios API -GeckoLib -Flywheel -SuperMartijn642's Core Lib -SuperMartijn642's Config Lib -Universal Mod Core -Track API -YUNG's API -Cloth Config API -Bookshelf -AutoRegLib -Architectury API

Performance Enhancing Mods

-Clumps -More To Come...

Create, And Its Addons

-Create -Chunkloading -Create Deco -Create Goggles (Create Plus)



-Bunker Down -Better Strongholds -Cash Register Mod