Create Arcane Engineering 


Embark on an enchanting journey with Create Arcane Engineering, a meticulously crafted collection of both popular and custom mods. Our modpack is designed to immerse you in the mastery of machines and the mystic arts. Start from humble beginnings, gradually building your arsenal of tools and spells to automate processes through a seamless fusion of technology and magic. Explore a world teeming with adventures as you gather valuable resources and uncover the remnants of ancient ruins.


Pack Notes: 

It is recommended to use 8gb of RAM but 4gb is the minimum.

This pack is technically fully finished but may receive updates over time.

This pack is inspired by Create: Above and Beyond, thus it may seem familiar to those who have played that pack.

If you’re stuck don’t get discouraged! Take a brain break, try a different method, or ask for help on our discord!


Working in Tandem

Create Arcane Engineering seamlessly blends technology and magic, incorporating mods like Create, Pneumaticcraft, Thermal Expansion, Forbidden & Arcanus, and Ars Nouveau. Construct factories, automate custom recipes, and progress from the simplest to the most complex tasks. Utilize technological marvels like Create trains and magical methods to transport cargo, all while ascending the path towards godly power and crafting powerful artifacts.


While each tech tree allows independent progression initially, the machines unlocked through one route become invaluable for crafting factories in the other tech tree. Ultimately, you'll need chapters from both sides to create custom machines that grant access to the later parts of each mod.

The Arcane

Embark on the arcane chapters, creating your crystal factory and nurturing your Source garden. Delve into soul harvesting, corrupting, and unlock your first Arcane obelisks. In the final magic chapter, delve into basic necromancy, creating an automated wither killing machine, and harness the formidable power of the Hephaestus Forge to forge some of the world's most potent items.


The Engineering 

Begin your engineering journey by reimagining tree farms with magic saplings, extracting everything useful from trees, from rubber for your first machines to liquid menril resin for later item empowerment. Seek out your first resource location to gather and refine skystone into its liquid component, ultimately providing a sustainable source of redstone. Progress into pressure technology, involving oil refining, biomass and plastic creation, and refining down to the powerful and useful "radiance." Utilize these components to construct a sophisticated factory capable of producing PCB boards and other computer-like components.


So Much More!


Finished all that? Fret not; we're keeping many more secrets, especially towards the end game, where you'll unlock almost terrifying power. We hope you enjoy this modpack and the countless hours invested in its creation. Connect with us on Discord, and don't forget to rate our pack after completing your adventure!







Lead Team:

  • PigTurtle: Art and Coding Goodness

  • FortnitePro420Xx: General Stuff

  • IModern: Lead Builder

  • TheMonch_: Builder

  • Young Cub: Audio and Descriptions
  • Rex a Ghost: Building
  • Green Oxygen: Recipes and QoL
  • Jaydee: Recipes. QoL
  • itamar: Multiblock Models.
  • Spaiko Trapsu: Models and Multiblocks







Special Thanks:

  • Itamar: Particle Accelerator Multiblock models

  • omga: Forge teachings and coding the skystone catalysts

  • Tuxxic: Datapack help, donations, and playtests

  • YoungCubAudio: Sound Design and CurseForge Description

  • Erzin: Old factory structure playtests

  • DiktatorPutski: Workshop Abode structure playtests


  • KilicdarogluFani

  • Curt

  • Erdragh

  • Pouffy

  • Laskyy


  • Hexous

  • Science Boi

  • Gruyere

  • Korro

  • Blade_coldsteel

Modpack Hub Community:

  • Sona Morningstar

  • MrError

  • Pouffy: Texture Help

Comissioned Builders:

  • Trospe, Xeven, FlipClip, W0rk, Noqtun


Finally notes from the creators of the pack “When Create 5.0 Full Steam was released, PigTurtle and I eagerly searched for Create Mod packs featuring the newly introduced trains. To our surprise, none existed. So, we decided to create our own.


Embarking on the development journey for a 1.18 Create Modpack, we initially aimed to be the first, but ended up being the last. After a year of dedicated work, we're finally ready to share our creation. But why did it take so long? Several factors contributed to this:


Firstly, we set exceptionally high standards, resulting in countless revisions and complete chapter overhauls to perfect the player experience.


The early chapters paid homage to Create Above and Beyond in style at first, but as we progressed, we realized our approach was impractical. We still stuck with it, making each subsequent chapter more technically challenging and intricate:


For instance, the first magic chapter had simple recipes, the second incorporated some peculiar fluid logistics, and Chapter M3 pushed us to the limits of KubeJS capabilities, integrating other mods' mechanics into intriguing looping dynamics. Chapter M4 became a turning point, compelling me to delve into Forge and advanced KubeJS scripting, creating enigmatic mechanics from scratch.


Theres more chapters after, but the effort is not explainable in words. As we went on to later chapters everything escalated beyond imagination, even leading me to invest in Builders for support.

Starting this journey, I knew nothing about minecraft modding. I ended up learning modeling, pixelart basics, kubejs, javascript, java, and Forge to create my own mods.

I also had to mess around with data packs all around world generation, lootables and learnt how to make Multiblocks.

I'm not trying to brag, just trying to put into perspective on how much effort this took, countless headaches.

But this effort wasn't nearly just mine. Far from it, there have luckily been lots contributors, so I'll likely miss some.

Send me a Discord DM if I forgot you here, lol.”

Thanks to you for reading!