A modpack focused around the Create mod, Create: additions & extras adds some extra mods and Create addons while not straying too far from the vanilla experience.



Oh the biomes you'll go: BYG completely overhauls worldgen, adding over 70 new biomes to the overworld, nether, and the end as well as many new wood types, ores, and blocks.

Goodall: Goodall adds several mobs that can be found throughout your world.



Create Deco: Create deco adds more blocks inspired by Create such as bricks, signs and more metals.

Wood Good: Wood Good creates compatibility for most wood types and blocks via custom resource packs.

Decorative Blocks: Decorative Blocks adds a few new blocks such as beams, seats, and supports.

Macaw's Mods: Macaw's fences, walls, doors, & trapdoors creates many more variants of the default blocks.



Clumps: Clumps will combine experience orbs to improve performance.

Just Enough Items: JEI brings up an interface that displays crafting recipes and items.

AppleSkin: AppleSkin shows information about food, hunger, and saturation.

Jade: Jade is a WIALA mod that shows information about what you're looking at.

Mouse Tweaks: Mouse Tweaks will add a few mouse improvements.

Double Slabs: Double Slabs allows you to have two different slabs occupying the same block, and also adds vertical slabs.

Fastload: Fastload reworks the way worlds are loaded for a smoother experience.


Create Addons-

Create Stuff & Additions: Create Stuff & Additions adds some new features to Create, such as jetpacks, and tools and armor for Create metals.

Create Confectionery: Create Confectionery enhances Create's chocolate, adding more chocolates as well as new foods and blocks.

Create Enchantment Industry: Create Enchantment Industry will add liquid experience, and some more features to help automate enchanting.

Create Slice & Dice: Create Slice & Dice adds a variety of features to add more compatibility between Create and Farmers Delight.

Create Goggles: Create Goggles adds helmets with goggles.

Create Central Kitchen: Create Central Kitchen creates further compatibility with Farmers Delight.



Farmers Delight: Farmers Delight will add a whole array of foods, dishes, and meals, as well as some new blocks and features.

Gravestone Mod: Gravestone Mod stores your items in a gravestone after death.

Gliders: adds gliders to Minecraft, somewhat of an early form of elytra, gliders are used to break falls.


and of course: Create!


Mod List (34):

- Architectury API

- Create deco

- Wood good


- AntiXray

- AppleSkin

- AutoRegLib

- Clumps

- CorgiLib

- Create

- Create Central Kitchen

- Create Confectionery

- Create Enchantment Industry

- Create Goggles

- Create Slice & Dice

- Create Stuff & Additions

- Decorative Blocks

- Double Slabs

- Farmer's Delight

- Fastload

- Gekolib

- Gliders

- Goodall

- Gravestone Mod

- Jade

- Kotlin for Forge

- Macaw's Doors

- Macaw's Fenced and Walls

- Macaw's Trapdoors

- Moonlight Lib

- Mouse Tweaks

- Oh The Biomes You'll Go

- Terrablender