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This is a unofficial modified version of the Create: Above and Beyond mod pack. This version was made and modified for public server use for our Blue Dream public modded minecraft server network. If you have no intentions on playing on our servers we recommend to download the official release of the modpack here.


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Create: Above and Beyond adds a variety of mods and compiles them into an epic technological journey toward space travel.

About fifty inventions lie between you and the moon. Thousands of components will flow into and through the ever-growing sequence of your machines, providing the means to explore the next level of technology.

Your entire factory will be put to a test as final products flow into the Data Centre, programming the Guidance computer of your Spaceship. Every step of the way is different, some may even differ depending on the generation seed of your World.

Tired of the grind? Fund the operation with coin provided either from various errands, or your chosen professions. Automatically ship produce from your farms or gather other players to aid you in your mission. Then you can purchase all manner of resources, artifacts and building blocks from the market. With our Blue Dream servers you can expect to have vote ranks, teams, player shops, admin black market where you can buy unobtainable items that are not in the modpack, and a safe and welcoming community.


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