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The story:

You were on the way to a distant planet, transporting materials to ensure the survival of the colonists.
But something terrible has happened! Your warp drive overheated and your ship was forced to materialize on a foreign planet without a breathable atmosphere. It's the planet named Genesis.
Fortunately, the equipment you were transporting to the colony could ensure your own survival. Some of the shuttle is damaged, including the emergency antenna and the life support, so you are dependent on your space suit until you can get started on repair. Better work fast!



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About this modpack:

This is a rather small modpack with a focus on new mods and mechanics. Advanced Rocketry is the base and Sky Resources is used for resource generation. In a broad sense, the pack uses sky block mechanics but with the addition of many new ideas and fresh implementations. The modpack also showcases mods that aren't often used, giving the player a chance to try new things and explore new directions.



At least 3-6GB of RAM allocated to the pack and a decent CPU.



Tipps to getting started:

You will start the pack already in a space suit, so take a moment to consult the guide for more detailed tips.

For additional support, tips or to give feedback, join the Discord.


How to install and first look by CraftStones



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