CraftZ - Zombie Survival

35,525 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2  

CraftZ is an incredibly difficult zombie survival modpack. Upon loading up the pre-made world, you will spawn into a ruined city, ravaged by zombies. Try your best to survive in this harsh and desolate world, and remember that this is a hardcore modpack;




The city is enshrouded by fog and deadly zombies roam the streets. And that's not all...


The zombies in CraftZ are significantly more intelligent than their vanilla counterparts. They can track you by blood or light, and also have the ability to break through glass windows to get to you. They also spawn with much better armour and weapons than usual, so fighting off a massive swarm of zombies all by yourself isn't really a viable option anymore. On top of that, even in the daytime you aren't safe anymore, as zombies no longer burn in the sun.


When you first spawn, you will be given a survival kit consisting of a shotgun, 8 shotgun shells, 10 bread, a sleeping bag, a backpack, an iron helmet, 2 grenades, a crossbow, and 8 crossbow bolts. You can open the in-game world map by pressing M, and open your backpack by pressing B while it is equipped. 


I strongly recommend playing with all the resource packs included in the modpack, as they make the experience more immersive. I would also reccomend that you play with music turned OFF in the options menu.


The screenshots shown in the Images tab use Chocapic13's shaders, which can be found here:


To use the shaders you must have Optifine installed. Download it here:



Note: The CraftZ map was generated using the Lost Cities and Biomes O' Plenty mods. All credit for the map goes to the creators of these mods.



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