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Lead Nuggets don't work in Alloy Smelter

#329 By  sinprince13

Created Jan 3, 2020 Updated Jan 3, 2020


 I am trying to use the Alloy Smelter to create Prosperity Shards (2 Lead Nuggets and 1 Gold Nugget). The Gold N. Goes in fine, and the Smelter can properly smelt ores to ingots, however it will not allow me to place the Lead N. into the Smelter, I also tried going into the recipes section and clicking Add Components, but it said I was missing an ingredient (Highlighting the lead N.) From what I can tell, there seem to be a few different types of lead N., the from Agricraft and the one from Thermal Foundation/ Immersive Engineering. Unfortunately I am unable to change the type of nugget that I am crafting, and it automatically defaults to Agricraft versions which are seem to be incompatible with the Alloy Smelter (In the recipe for the Shard, it flicks between the two Nuggets from TF and IE, but does not show AC).
Is there a way to fix this or work around it (I.e. either alter the permitted nuggets or change the type of nugget I'm working with)?

Thank you.
Additional: When in the recipe and hovering over the gold nugget, it says "Accepts any: nuggetGold" as a tooltip; this is not present when hovering over the lead nugget

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