Craft Of The Titans

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NuclearCraft Solar Panel crash loops in SP and MP

#320 By  sk3l3bruh

Created Jun 14, 2019 Updated Aug 22, 2019


I placed a NC solar panel on a EnderIO capacitor bank and it ended up crash looping the server i was playing on with friends and i later tested it on SP and it begun to crash loop that world to desktop

Jun 29, 2019

Hi, I believe there's an issue with the latest Nuclearcraft, if you are on the latest pack release it may solve the problem to roll-back just that Mod by a version manually

Aug 22, 2019

This is caused by a bug in NuclearCraft when IC2 is listed as a soft dependency, but there are parts of the code that work as if it's a hard dependency:


The bug was fixed in the 1.12.2 versions but it was't backported.


The only real fix would be to install IC2.

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